A paradise called home

Palawan remains a favorite for both local and foreign tourists looking to get away from the busy life in the city. One of its main destinations is Coron, a first class municipality in the province and also known as a tropical paradise.

Coron also is home to Club Paradise Palawan, which is located in Dimakya Island, a turtle sanctuary with over 300 hatchlings released every year. This private green estate is a sustainable tourist destination which identifies with the “new normal” after the global pandemic.

Our journey started with Sunlight Air’s chartered flight to Busuanga Airport. The flight took less than an hour. After paying the P200 environmental fees, Club Paradise’s airport representatives welcomed us when we exited the airport and took us to Decalachao port via their resort shuttle vans.

Sunlight Air flies to your favorite island destination.

Pangawaran river

From the port, we took a boat ride across the Pangawaran River. This river is full of lush mangroves on both sides which provide a rich habitat for freshwater fish and mud crabs.

The river also is home to Maricaban, a fishing village in the area. Close to the village is the end of the river and the gateway to the open sea. After the 30-minute boat ride, we finally arrived at the resort’s azure waters. Club Paradise has a house reef which is approximately 10 meters from the shore. It is a protected area because it is home to diverse marine life, such as Hawksbill Sea Turtles, Jackfish, Black tip reef sharks, Cuttlefish and many other forms of marine life.

View from the Oceanview Suite.

Club Paradise

The resort welcomed us with hot towels and the customary refreshing drink. We were booked at the Oceanview Suites, the resort’s newest room category that provides sweeping views of the ocean and the nearby islands. The room gives a feeling of a luxury hotel and the peace and quiet of an island far from the city. Indeed, the comforts of home are found here and even more activities to relax the weary traveler.

For their culinary offerings, we sat down for lunch at the Firefish Restaurant where guests can feast on local and international dishes using fresh ingredients from their nearby organic farm called Taranuman.

Sinag Restaurant

Club Paradise will also open a new restaurant this December called Sinag, which will be serving Filipino dishes from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. We were fortunate to have a taste of the heavenly menu on our first day. We were familiar with the dishes that were served and it did not disappoint. The menu will be divided into Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao sections. A true gastronomic journey for guests both foreign and local. This new restaurant is something to look forward to as an addition to Club Paradise’s relaxing and homey vibe.

The iconic symbol of Club Paradise welcomes guests.

Diatoy and Malpagalen

Our second day finds us on board the resort’s speedboat aptly named Paraiso. We went to nearby island Malpagalen, a white sand beach with beautiful rock formations perfect for taking pictures and drone shots.

The next stop where we had a sumptuous island boodle fight lunch was on Diatoy. This island has a structure built for guests. There’s a shower conveniently located at the beach and restrooms as well.

The snorkeling was so relaxing also as there were plenty of small reef fishes feeding on the sea grass not too far from the shore.

Staff member Noel and the rest of the resort’s boat crew. | PHOTOGRAPHS BY Ardee P. de los Angeles FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

Adding wellness to our beach holiday

When we returned to the resort in the afternoon, we couldn’t wait for an even more relaxing time at the Glow spa. For a holistic approach to wellness, the resort has created a beauty and wellness program that focuses on detoxification and rejuvenating treatments performed by well-trained therapists.

They offer several packages like The “Relief” package which offers a 45-minute Stress Relief Facial treatment, 60-minute Hilot massage with 15-minute herbal ball treatment, plus a five-course healthy dinner by the beach.

The“Recharge” package includes a 30-minute Detox Facial treatment, a 60-minute Hilot massage with 15-minute herbal ball treatment at Glow Spa, a five-course healthy dinner by the beach, and a three-hour Diatoy island tour with complimentary packed lunch. The “Relax” package, on the other hand, includes a 45-minute neck and back treatment, a 60-minute Hilot massage with 15-minute herbal ball treatment at Glow Spa, a five-course healthy dinner by the beach, a three-hour Diatoy island tour with complimentary packed lunch, plus a 30-minute Sunset Cruise with healthy fruit shakes. The treatments are a wonderful way to prepare for the day’s end.

Home away from home

Welcome home to Club Paradise. The perfect destination for those looking for complete peace and relaxation — an island where one can pause, ease their mind, body and soul as they take in the captivating beauty of nature that surrounds them.

Our home away from home.