Iloilo’s best-dressed ladies

How do you define best-dressed? Who for you is the best-dressed person?

For me, the best dressed is something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. It is not always  about following the latest fashion trends, but rather about expressing your personal style and feeling good in what you’re wearing.  Whether it’s a casual jeans and t-shirt combo, a chic little black dress, a tailored suit or a long gown, being the best dressed means exuding the best version of yourself.

My best-dressed ladies in Iloilo for 2023 are:

CHONA LAYSON-BONDOC. Consistently well groomed and appropriately dressed in any occasion at all times.

LILIA LIM. Admired for her elegant and timeless style.

Sheilla Marie Golez- Tiongco

SHEILLA GOLEZ-TIONGCO. Is known for her glamorous and feminine looks.

Ria Bolivar -Salcedo

RIA BOLIVAR-SALCEDO. The supermodel is known for her daring and unique style. She is not afraid to make a statement.

VIRMA YASA-APOSTOL. She often opts for simple and clean lines. Basic but simply beautiful.

Karmela Jesena

KARMELA JESENA. Understated elegance in a corporate setting.

DR. MARIA DAISY TABUENA. Classic silhouettes is her personal style

NATALIE UY LIM. Known for her chic choice of dressing and accessories. A champion of indigenous and Philippine-made fabrics and designs.    

Arlene Ardeña- Go

DARLENE ARDENA-GO. Effortlessly chic.

Kristin Magbanua – Ledesma

KRISTIN MAGBANUA-LEDESMA. Quiet sophistication and luxury.

Distinctive features

What are the distinguishing marks of a best-dressed person?

Best-dressed person often has a few distinguishing marks:

FIT: Regardless of the style or trend, their clothes always fit them well. Clothes that are too tight or too loose can detract from the overall look.

CONFIDENCE:  They wear their clothes with confidence. This doesn’t mean they’re always in high-end designer pieces, but they feel good in what they’re wearing, and it shows.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: They pay attention to the small things, such as a well-placed accessory, a neat hemline and a pair of polished shoes. These details can elevate an outfit from good to great.APPROPRIATENESS: They dress appropriately for the occasion. They know when to dress up and when it’s okay to be casual.

PERSONAL STYLE: They have a clear sense of personal style. They know what works for them and stick to it, rather than blindly following every trend.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: They value quality over quantity. They’d rather have a few well-made pieces that last than a closet full of fast fashion.

Being “best-dressed” isn’t about having the most expensive clothes or following every trend. It’s about feeling good in what you wear and expressing your personal style.