Pinay trainee Elisia Parmisano to make K-pop debut with PRISM

Elisia Parmisano is fulfilling her K-pop dreams with the upcoming debut of the new girl group PRISM.

The 14-year-old Filipino singer-dancer and trainee under F&F Entertainment clinched her spot in the upcoming eight-member group through an intense competition hosted by the South Korean reality show Universe Ticket.

The winning group will get a management contract of two-and-a-half years under the relatively fresh F&F Entertainment, established in November 2022.

Parmisano’s journey began in January 2023 when SBS announced Universe Ticket and opened auditions to girls of whatever nationality born before 2011 who aspired to become K-pop idols.

The audition period lasted from 2 March to 14 May 2023 and the results disclosed on 10 June. The official show announcement on 4 July paved the way for the revelation of the final contestants shortly after through profile teaser images. A pre-voting phase from 19 July to 9 August further heightened the anticipation for the new group being formed through the competition.

On 17 July 2023, Parmisano emerged as first overall in the ninth episode of Universe Ticket.

Her achievement not only secured her a place in PRISM, but also marked her out as a trailblazer — the first confirmed member of the debut lineup.

The group is poised to make its grand entrance into the K-pop scene in 2024 under F&F Entertainment.

Parmisano’s talents extend beyond singing and dancing. This early, she is also recognized for her contributions to Universe Ticket’s signature songs, including “Come With Me? (Universe)” and “Ticket To You.”

Two more Filipinas have made it to the final PRISM lineup — Gehlee Dangca and Jin Hyeon-ju (Filipino-Korean). Up ahead: the girls’ highly anticipated debut as the latest K-pop powerhouse group.