Home solutions for BP monitoring

TECHNOLOGY is reshaping the landscape of home blood pressure management. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF OMRON

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Omron Healthcare stands at the forefront of the transformative movement in healthcare technology, ushering in new and innovative ways of home blood pressure management for Filipinos and everyone around the world.

The healthcare situation in the Philippines exhibits the increasing need for effective home blood pressure management, given the prominence of ischemic heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases and hypertension as among the leading causes of death. Recognizing this pressing need, 2024 is poised to mark significant strides in home blood pressure management, underscoring a shift toward more sophisticated and integrated medical solutions.

At the core of this transformation is Omron Healthcare, a global leader in trusted and innovative medical equipment and technology. With its commitment to technological innovation in health management, Omron has introduced advanced and multifaceted BP monitoring solutions that are redefining the standards of home-based healthcare.

Omron is also improving traditional Home Blood Pressure Monitoring to integrate features for detecting nocturnal hypertension — a critical factor in cardiovascular health. It has developed wrist-type nocturnal HBPM devices and wearable BP monitors, utilizing advanced oscillometric methods.

Innovative solutions

Looking ahead to 2024, Omron Healthcare is ramping up its focus on wearables and mobile health apps, which offer enhanced user engagement and real-time health data accessibility. The integration of technology like the Omron Connect app, which syncs with all Omron-connected blood pressure monitors, exemplifies the push toward a more interconnected and insightful approach to health management​​.

Key products from Omron

Healthcare include:

Omron Connect app. A comprehensive heart health coach offering insights, guidance and behavior change incentives for hypertension management​​.

Stroke Risk Calculator. A feature that is now made available in Omron’s website, aiming to help individuals assess their risk of stroke in the next five to 10 years based on their eating habits, medical history and current lifestyle.

Omron Complete. A clinically validated blood pressure monitor that features integrated EKG capabilities to facilitate convenient monitoring of blood pressure and EKG at home.

Healthcare technologies

As 2024 approaches, key trends such as increased digital integration, remote monitoring and patient-centered technologies are reshaping the landscape of home blood pressure management in the Philippines. These trends align with Omron Healthcare’s commitment to providing advanced and reliable solutions tailored to the unique healthcare needs of Filipinos. Reinforcing this commitment is Omron’s continuous mission of “Going for Zero” — the total elimination of heart attacks and strokes — which is more relevant amid the rising cardiovascular diseases and the need for improved healthcare access in underserved areas of the Philippines. Omron Healthcare’s dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology for health management plays a crucial role in fostering a healthier future for the Filipino population, making advanced healthcare more accessible across the nation.