Holiday flavors to try


SaladStop! brings back its White Christmas salad, featuring a mix of romaine, kale, chicken ham, walnut snow, sweet grapes, fresh green apples, crispy croutons and a drizzle of creamy Queso de Bola dressing. Dig into a salad or wrap (P375) or opt for a White Christmas Party Tray (P1,200 for salad tray, P2,300 for wrap tray) for larger gatherings and holiday feasts.

As the festivities beckon, savor a heartwarming treat with the Vegan Chocolate Pudding Loaf. This pastry creation is your guilt-free indulgence for the holidays. Moist, rich and chocolatey, this dessert is entirely vegan, making it a delicious and mindful choice for the season.Experience a taste of the holidays in every bite and enjoy this decadent dessert as a full loaf (P600) or a slice (P95).

Extreme Spicy Fest

For lovers of spice, A Very Good Girl star Kathryn Bernardo presents KFC’s Extreme Spicy Fest,composed of KFC favorites: Hot & Crispy Chicken, Zinger Sandwich, Hotshots and Crispy Fries, which are made even spicier with extreme spicy seasoning. It surely will leave you with that tongue numbin’ goodness and a slow burn which will keep you craving for another bite.


Frotea is bringing the fun, affordable milk tea flavors and desserts, such as the Dark Choco Ice, a unique take on the Korean Bingsu dessert, to Batangas and Cavite, offering budget-friendly drinks and desserts for less than P100.

Frotea’s Dark Choco Ice is a Bingsu-inspired dessert with premium cocoa and creamy milk. It is among Frotea’s newest desserts alongside fish waffles, another Korean-inspired treat, with a crunchy exterior and a sweet creamy filling. Also indulge in soft-serve Panda ice cream, a velvety dessert best paired with popping boba for that fun, interactive twist that kids will love. Sample all flavors from Classic and Cream Puff to Signature Oreo and Ube series.