Francis Libiran Rising

Francis Libiran, a handsome gentleman with a talent of immense genius and creativity, has always been top of mind to many fashionable Filipinas, those who would go for sensible clothing with a flair for drama and glamour.

In all his 25 years in this most unpredictable of cultural industries, where one never knows when one’s creation will be in or out, and in again, and out again, he has consistently given us only the best – this in the midst of the coming and going of other couturiers who would top him now and then, and yet, breathe their last, never to be resuscitated.

What is admirable about Francis, I am told by many of those who faithfully wear his gowns, is his sense of style is beyond seasons – timeless is how a Francis Libiran masterpiece is best described.

Better yet, if these are kept in treasure chests of brides and grand dames, the mod denizens of the chic community, and the fashion adventurers who always welcome the cutting-edge in style, the same Francis Libiran outfits may take a breather, or hibernate, as it were, but in a few seasons, they resurrect because their basic elements – color, cut and what have you – will always resurface to assume their deserved places in the hearts and minds, and bodies of those who know what good grooming is all about.

It was thus to a great tableau, a spectacle of colors and glitz, aesthetics at their highest and most formidable,  that Francis’s friends, discriminating clientele and muses, were treated during his recent sterling fashion show, and if there was an occasional glitch like a gown that could not be properly carried most likely because of its internal construction, or perhaps weight of the embellishments, or the beautiful gown just was too much to bear, which wasn’t the fault of the beautiful, well-shaped model, all that is forgiven because, in the overall, the show was a wondrous success, thanks to Francis who never disappoints by 99.9 percent.

We salute and congratulate Francis for being there and, in times such as this, when one cannot be sure of the proverbial whims and caprices of the fashionable crowd, Francis stands true and tall to his commitment to produce only the best and the most wearable, and the most elegant. 

Indeed, it takes a Francis Libiran to be consistently excellent! And handsome!

FRANCIS Libiran celebrated 25 years with a standout showcase of his unparalleled style at the Grand Ballroom of the City of Dreams Manila