Filipinos’ time

Thriving in a swiftly evolving world where time seems to be slipping away, a group of youthful visionaries decided to harness their time and produce groundbreaking timepieces, Argos Watches.

Ivan Jeff Soberano, an electrical engineer deeply engaged in electric power systems, and his cousin Nikki Columna, the strategic force propelling the business forward, with three of their friends, fused their technical expertise and entrepreneurial acumen, navigating the challenges of the fast-paced world while setting new benchmarks for creative timekeeping.

ARGOS Watches came out initially with the Odyssey in two colors, ivory and blue. Every piece is assembled in the Philippines by expert watch artisans. These watches quickly became collectibles among watch lovers in different parts of the world.

From Obsession to innovation

“Obsession is real,” told Soberano to DAILY TRIBUNE. 

Little did he know that this very obsession would become the catalyst for an extraordinary venture, giving rise to a global product with Filipino roots.

The story began in 2019, when Soberano traveled to Japan. Amid the vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes, it was the realm of timepieces that captured his imagination. 

Drawn for the first time into the intricate world of watches, Soberano found himself captivated by the craftsmanship and precision embedded in each ticking masterpiece.

Time truly is the ultimate truth teller, as he set out on a mission to bring his horological dreams to life.

“The obsession is very real that we started a brand,” Soberano emphasized that it was not merely about owning watches; it was about creating them — a manifestation of their deep-seated fascination.

Crafting a unique ‘Filipino Time’

Argos Watches distinguishes itself not just through its exceptional craftsmanship but also the narrative woven into each timepiece, with its inaugural series aptly named after the Greek mythology epic, “The Odyssey.” 

The flagship model features a reliable Japanese NH35A automatic movement, allowing wearers to see the intricate engineering through a clear case back. Crafted from durable 316L stainless steel with a brushed finish, the case not only adds character but also conceals wear and tear. The sapphire glass ensures protection against accidental bumps. With a diameter of 38mm, the Odyssey is an ideal size for both men and women and is available in two colors: Cream and blue.

This watch is carefully “built for your daily grind,” echoing the brand’s promise of providing reliable, practical and stylish timepieces of every Filipino’s time.

In creating a local watch brand with a worldwide perspective, the founders named it Argos, inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey. Like Argos, the loyal dog in the poem, the brand aspires to be a constant companion, supporting you through life’s challenges and victories.

Building an industry

According to Soberano, it caters to a “special market segment by offering limited quantities.”

As a Filipino Global brand, it brings forth not just watches but a vision to “build the watchmaking industry in the Philippines.”

It seeks to foster a synergy between local talent and top-of-the-line equipment and supplies in order to progress the Philippine watchmaking industry. Realizing the untapped potential of Filipino watch technicians, the team is committed to empowering them with the necessary opportunity and support to advance their knowledge and skills.

Through this enormous endeavor, the Philippines will be able to add meaningfully to the economy and establish itself as a major player in the watch industry.

Crafted and put together in the Philippines, these watches combine premium materials and the know-how of local artisans to create fashionable, long-lasting and functional timepieces.

Looking ahead

With their eyes set on the future, the team is already working on the next design, Asteri, promising a unique blend of elegance and functionality. 

The commitment to the bold vision of putting the Philippines on the global watchmaking map remains unwavering.

Columna highlighted that they constantly revisiting their long-term goals as the reason for their dedication, “We are looking into like 10 years from now 20 years from now. So we always go back. There’s a commitment and it translates to the challenge of time management.” 

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Soberano shared to Pairfect, “Anything that is worth doing takes time. If you really enjoy what you’re doing, just do it.” 

The journey of Argos Watches, from obsession to innovation, serves as an inspiration for those with enterprising minds.