Celebrating the Ageless Annabelle

Feisty and fabulous — that’s our beloved Annabelle Rama for you! The queen mother of the famed Gutierrez clan celebrated her 71st birthday at Chef Jessie restaurant surrounded by her devoted family and friends. Every year, I’m glad and grateful to be a part of her celebration because her presence in our lives is truly remarkable. 

It was an intimate celebration. The theme? Just a celebration of life! Chef Jessie was enhanced with canopies of lights and lots and lots of fresh flowers. Even the cake was beautifully decorated with florals! It was quite like the woman of the night: blossoming with beauty and so full of life. 

Apart from the usual spread of amazing food, we saw special performances from her loved ones, including her grandkids and Senator Robin Padilla. A live band continued the entertainment as we went around to mingle and take snapshots to remember the night. The official photos were amazing, too. Catch a video of the party highlights at Nice Print Photography’s YouTube channel.

To a woman worth celebrating every day, cheers to you, dearest Annabelle!