Fighting cavities

Another sneaky health emergency has crept into the lives of young Filipinos in a country that is struggling to recover from the pandemic. Years of this “silent epidemic” have plagued the nation, but there has been a striking lack of knowledge and discussion regarding its prevention.

The Department of Health’s most recent statistics show that 73 percent of Filipinos are afflicted by this silent health catastrophe, with a particularly worrying 83 percent of children between the ages of five and 12 being affected.

Who or what is the threat? Cavities. They destroyed countless young smiles and ruined these kids’ social and academic life.

Filipino youth’s absence from school is now primarily caused by cavities, which has a negative impact on their academic and social growth. Children’s entire performance decreases as a result of painful oral problems, impeding their growth and potential as they miss crucial instructional time.

Colgate, the top oral health brand in the Philippines, has stepped up as an ally in the battle against cavities and the related absence epidemic among kids in response to this worrying situation. The business is currently focused on spreading awareness about the serious effects that poor dental health has on the education and general wellbeing of young Filipinos.

To further amplify its mission, commuters in Metro Manila will encounter thought-provoking images along major thoroughfares, a stark reminder of Filipino children robbed of their smiles due to cavities. These visuals, strategically placed in various locations, such as C5 Bagong Ilog Southbound, C5 Bagong Ilog Northbound, EDSA Guadalupe Bridge and EDSA Orense, are intended to spark conversations and actions to help restore these children’s lost smiles.

The message of oral health awareness is spread to a wider audience outside of Metro Manila’s streets, presenting numerous murals and images on dental health around Mall of Asia Complex and the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange.