Experiencing the ‘good life’

Trailblazing developer Empire East Land Holdings Inc. continues to broaden the definition of luxury and comfort with the unparalleled reveal of Bellara Tower 3 this October.

 Nestled within the expansive embrace of Empire East Highland City along Felix Avenue, Pasig-Cainta, Bellara Tower 3 emerges as the latest jewel in the cityscape’s crown. This architectural masterpiece is poised to bring the “good life” like never before, drawing it even closer to discerning investors and home buyers alike.

 Residents can explore top-notch boutiques, designer stores and fine dining restaurants, all conveniently located in the charming Highland Mall. Within this development, you’ll find Highland Park, a green oasis perfect for unwinding, reflecting or simply enjoying nature’s beauty. 


Additionally, Highland Forest introduces a captivating experience, enhancing the natural allure of Empire East Highland City. Elevated walkways allow you to admire lush greenery and discover winding forest trails, while sensory streams provide a harmonious backdrop for a unique journey inside the forest park.

With its unique forest, Empire East can further its green goals while offering its residents a revitalizing and adventurous well-being experience. Likewise, the Chartered Club in Empire East Highland City offers residents a variety of leisure and entertainment options, including sporting venues and spa services. 

With comfort, harmony and elegance in every corner, Bellara Tower 3 offers top-notch living conditions for its residents. It’s a testament to the legacy of Empire East, where quality living is a priority.

In addition to providing sophisticated living, Empire East Highland City adheres to safeguarding the environment and securing a sustainable future through
eco-friendly creation and local services.

Because of its ideal location and convenient access to key landmarks, transportation hubs and major roads, Empire East Highland City is perfectly positioned to bring the “good life” closer to people.


Getting around daily is a breeze, thanks to the easy access to LRT Line 2 on Marcos Highway and the soon-to-arrive MRT Line 4 via Ortigas Avenue Extension. These transportation options seamlessly link potential residents to central business districts throughout Metro Manila, ensuring that work, adventure and relaxation are always nearby.

To sweeten the deal, Bellara Tower 3 offers a 10 percent discount. Prices start at P6,000 per month for an executive studio, P9,000 per month for a one-bedroom suite and P15,000 per month for a two-bedroom suite. 

Bellara Tower 3 is the latest addition to Empire East Highland City, a sprawling 22-hectare luxury community. It’s the third tower in the second residential phase, following the success of the first two towers and the four-tower Arcadia.