Easy weight-loss tips

Is it that easy to lose weight? For some, yes it is. And yet others have difficulty shedding those unwanted pounds. Culled from numerous interviews I have conducted with wellness experts over the last 15 years, here are some measures you might consider adopting.

Before embarking on a weight-loss program, it would be wise to do the following:


 Consult your doctor. You may have underlying health issues that could require medical attention. Rule out any problem that could prevent you from going for weight reduction.


 Set a goal. Make it realistic. A weight-loss target of 10 pounds is doable. But anything beyond this number will necessitate medical supervision. The reason why it is important to involve your doctor is because too drastic a drop in weight can affect your heart. 


 Enroll in a gym. Make a plan with the help of a gym trainer and nutritionist. This will include timelines and a guided eating plan to manage your calorie intake.


 Exercise is a must. Anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour is good enough. Remember the golden rule. You need to burn the excess calories. Which is why it is vital to do a calorie count of everything you consume — from meals to snacks plus the beverages you drink.


 Hydrate. The best way to improve your circulation is to drink adequate amounts of water. 


 Purge your diet. Eat and drink clean. This means nothing with additives, coloring, flavor enhancers, preservatives. Stick to whole foods ­ fresh produce is best. If you can avoid eating any processed foods, you will have a good head start.

EAT and drink clean. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF pexels/alex-azabache

 Increase fiber intake. Want to lose weight fast naturally? Level up your fiber intake. However, when you do this, you must increase your water intake. Why? Because the more fiber you take, the more water you must drink. If you drink less water, too much fiber can cause constipation. 


 Get enough quality sleep. Do not skip a night’s sleep. It will age you faster. Try to sleep earlier each night. An early riser gets things done with more energy. Determine whether you are a morning person or a night person. There are exceptions. I have met people who are comfortable exercising after work. So, follow your instincts. Go with your inner flow. 

Fat burners are dietary supplements that help burn calories by increasing the body’s metabolism rate. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF pexels/waskyria-miranda

 Fat-burning supplements: Garcinia cambogia, green tea extracts, protein supplement and L-carnitine.


 Carbohydrate and sugar restriction. This is an effective first measure. 

SET a realistic weight-loss goal. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF pexels/andres-ayrton

 Go lean. Cut out the animal fat. Go for vegetarian options. In fact, if you go vegan, you can easily speed up your weight reduction. 


 Treat day. Yes, you can treat yourself to anything sugar-free, fat-free and gluten-free. 

Do let me know if this works for you. I would like to hear any comments and suggestions from you. IG: @Cory Quirino 

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