Devilishly delightful Halloween drinks 

As Halloween draws near, the quest is on for the perfect drink to heighten your spooky celebrations. Look no further than the Bacardi Scarnival’s “Killer Concoctions of the Night,” a devilishly delightful set of drinks that are sure to haunt your taste buds in the most delectable way.

Bacardi Scarnival.

The Bacardi Scarnival event, held with eerie elegance at Poblacion Makati, brought together aficionados of both cocktails and the Halloween season. Guests arrived dressed in their ghostly glamorous attire, setting an evening filled with chilling libations and wicked revelry.

Making one’s own “Bat’s Brew,” a blend that is both visually captivating and savory tantalizer, was one of the event’s highlights. Here is its recipe: 


30ml Bacardi Gold

20ml lime juice

30ml simple syrup 

Soda water

Cotton candy or candy floss 

30ml Blue pea tea


Mix 30 ml of Bacardi Gold, 20 ml of lime juice, and 30 ml of simple syrup in a shaker. 

Gently top the brew with soda water, allowing the bubbly essence to dance with the concoction. Strain the mixture into the glass that will house your potion.

Garnish your Bat’s Brew with a tuft of cotton candy or candy floss to invoke an eerie mist. Watch as it dissolves into a sweet, sugary specter.

For a final spellbinding touch, add a dash of blue pea tea to the top to create a captivating transformation from a pale shade to an enchanting indigo hue.

But the Bacardi’s deliciously sinister offerings don’t end with “Bat’s Brew.” Other unnerving drinks were also introduced such as the “Zombie” and the “Devil’s Daiquiri,” which are all certain to give you the finest shivers.

Drink responsibly, even the spookiest of libations should be treated respectfully.