Culture-based Phl arts degree now offered

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Culture-Based Arts is the newest program of the School of Arts, Culture and Performance of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. It is now open for registration for the first term of the academic year 2023 to 2024.

BFA CBA, the pioneering Fine Arts program rooted in folk and indigenous arts, was designed to empower younger generation of innovators, trailblazers and creative leaders to reshape the world for the future. With a focus on the living traditions and social engagements within communities, it incorporates Philippine cultural creativity, sensitivity and ingenuity in identifying and responding to local and global trends and issues.

Students will undergo immersions to unlock skills in content creation, project management and cultural and social entrepreneurship that is sustainable and relevant to the country and the world. They will be exposed to history, theories, and contemporary issues as they demonstrate open-mindedness to various schools of thought. Learners will be grounded in the tools and techniques of visualizing concepts, including new media, to innovate original artistic expressions.

Under this redefined program, learners will be trained to explore and utilize local materials such as wood, grass, bamboo, rattan and clay, and maximize digital and non-digital platforms to engage with the community through visual communication.

The pupils will be immersed in social activities and advocacy projects to earn heightened consciousness of the Philippine society and culture and serve the interest of Filipino communities without prejudice to foreign influences. Enrollees will also learn to adapt and translate indigenous and traditional art materials and practices with a historical perspective.

BFA CBA will require a total of 180 units and will run for 10 trimesters.

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