Art House honors Manansala

Art House, a moving and multi-channel creative platform, honored the life and works of Philippine National Artist and cubist painter, Vicente Manansala, in a recent exhibit. Dubbed Alab, the show was held 25 to 28 May at the North Court of Power Plant Mall. It showcased 15 trailblazing visual artists who paid tribute to the master and father of Transparent Cubism. On exhibit were paintings, sculptures and objets d’art.

An NFT auction was held on 26 May, in collaboration with Artifract, an Asian fine arts NFT pioneer. Art House CEO Juan Carlos Pineda said, “Through these NFTs, collectors get a chance to own a piece of these private artworks that would otherwise not be accessible to the public.”

Pieces by Manansala selected for NFT minting provided an intimate look into the life and times of the master — as a friend, contemporary, grandfather, student, and finally, a prime mover of abstractionism and transparent cubism in the Philippine contemporary art scene.