Chef Tatung’s new culinary journeys

There is certainly no stopping chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou. After opening one restaurant after another (and one branch after another), he tirelessly shoots content for his cooking show Simpol on YouTube, and releases one best-selling and multi-awarded cookbook after another. Yet he still has time to do cooking demos for clients and to travel to discover local regional cuisines and international flavors.

As if these were not enough, here goes Chef Tatung launching two new shows, Flavorful Escapes and Simply Simpol, which showcase a fresh new way to experience food and travel. In a bold move, the amiable chef, whose name has become a household word, is expanding his reach with these new shows, promising a delightful journey that will take not just him but his legions of online followers into the heart of local and international cuisines.

“There will be a lot of collaborations happening this year. We will be meeting up with a lot of our friends from way back, but we will also be meeting new people and looking for new creative collaborations. This new venture is about going back to the two things I love to do — cooking for the people I love, people whose company I enjoy and re-experiencing the delight of traveling,” says Chef Tatung, when asked where he got his inspirations in creating the new shows.

Flavorful Escapes is a journey through Filipino and Southeast Asian gastronomy. Backed by an impressive culinary career and social media presence spanning years, particularly YouTube, Chef Tatung is taking you to picturesque locations across the Philippines and Southeast Asia in this new show. He will be visiting the usual and not-so-usual culinary destinations to find and share interesting stories with his audience. These visits, recorded on video, promise to be a sensory adventure, exploring the diverse flavors and specialties of various cuisines.

From the bustling streets of the cities to the serene shores and vast fields of the provinces, each episode of Flavorful Escapes promises to uncover culinary gems, share heartwarming stories and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of different cultures.

Whether it’s learning the art of cooking traditional adobo from local chefs or indulging in exotic delicacies, Chef Tatung invites you to join him on this unforgettable journey of taste and discovery. He does not only get to taste the food that he features, but he dares to partake of even the most exotic offerings. He expresses delight at being able to eat really delicious dishes as he eats them and blurts out initial apprehensions about trying exotic fares, but all the same, he will try everything for the sake of the show and sometimes even end up surprising himself when he actually gets to like the “unusual” things he eats.

Simply Simpol is everyday cooking made more fun and simpler. Chef Tatung brings a refreshing new perspective to this show, which is a testament to Chef Tatung’s belief that good food doesn’t have to be complicated. More than just a cooking show, it is a celebration of simplicity in its purest form. From quick and easy recipes for busy weeknights to creative twists on pantry staples, Chef Tatung empowers viewers to embrace the joy of cooking without the stress. With his signature warmth and charm, he demonstrates that “kahit sino, kayang magluto” with just a few simple ingredients and techniques.

The launch of Flavorful Escapes and Simply Simpol marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the food and travel scene. As he continues to push boundaries, challenge perceptions and inspire a new generation of chefs and food enthusiasts, Chef Tatung remains committed to his mission of preserving and promoting the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Flavorful Escapes is now streaming with its first episode focusing on La Union.