Campfire S’mores, Blue Vanilla, Mango Graham ice cream?

These days, if you are an artisan ice cream maker, you cannot be churning out basic flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mango and expect to kill big competition. You’ve got to be very creative, think up unique and out-of-this-world flavor combinations and execute them perfectly to catch the attention of ice cream lovers and make them choose your creations over those that are mass-produced in factories for commercial distribution.

Mango Graham

The Lost Bread does not want in this aspect. A local brand of artisan style ice cream, it began by offering milkshakes and French toast cubes in a food park in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, in March 2015. Instead, it is bursting with creativity and energy from the time it came up with its first ice cream flavor — Blue Vanilla (a rich, creamy good quality vanilla ice cream with a light hint of blue which was added to give it a curious shade) — to now.

Blue Vanilla attracted them to The Lost Bread ice cream, but there are about 15 flavors that now sustain people’s “love affair” with the brand.

Signature flavors are Campfire S’mores, Milk and Brookies, 90s Kids Mix and Coco Butternut. Campfire S’mores is particularly interesting, as the chocolate flavored ice cream is given the indulgence of torched marshmallows and graham crackers. Milk and Brookies is also a top favorite among regulars because the rich and creamy milk ice cream is folded with cookies, brownies and hazelnut spread. The 90s Kids Mix is another childhood favorite, as the milk flavored ice cream comes with iced gem cookies, sprinkles and mini marshmallows, thus bringing back your 1990s childhood memories with every spoonful of ice cream.

Photographs by Dolly Dy-Zulueta for the Daily Tribune Spanish Latte and Milk & Brookies.

Aside from the signature flavors, other flavors that have turned out to be best-sellers include Chocnut, HawHaw and Lily’s Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge. Of course most people loved Chocnut, HawHaw, and Lily’s Peanut Butter as kids. Chocnut especially. So people love how much Chocnut bits and pieces are incorporated into the ice cream and how generous the crumbles are on top. HawHaw, now in ice cream form, also brings back childhood memories for those who loved the confection as a child.

But all other flavors are getting their fair share of steady patronage because of the diversity they offer—Matcha Strawberry, Matcha Espresso, Matcha Latte, Mango Graham, Caramel Macchiato, Dalgona Milk Tea, Ube Macapuno, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Spanish Latte.

Now known as an ice cream brand that specializes in extra special flavors, The Lost Bread is currently rebranding and is available through its website, Soon, it will relaunch and make its presence felt in more places. More ice cream flavors, too, and new product lines. Exciting times ahead for the ice cream brand.