52 awards and counting: Allen Dizon and his A-game

When multi-awarded Allen Dizon donned the medical uniform to play the role of Dr. Carlos Bemitez in the top-rating afternoon drama Abot Kamay Na Pangarap, the sense of authority he exuded made it understandable to the demographics of Mang Victor and Aling Tacing, and the majority of Juans and Juanas, the amazing fact that this actor has amassed a total of 52 best actor trophies from local and international award-giving bodies over the years.

For the everyday folks glued to their TV sets, Dizon is Doc Carlos, “ang magaling at mabait na doktor na mahal si Lynette (Carmina Villaroel) at karapat-dapat na maging pangalawang ama ni Doc Annalyn (Jillian Ward)” (the kind and competent doctor who loves Lynette and deserves to the second dad to Doc Annalyn).

 Dizon welcomes the latest developments in his character, as his too-good-to-be-true role becomes darker and sinister.

“Carlos gets to be interesting and I am liking the changes,” he said. “He is not a saint with a halo and mas lalong hindi siya martyr. ‘Yung pagbabago, ‘yung shifts ng emotions niyawala akong problema dun. My only concern are the fans of the show, lalo na ang mga fans ni Doc Annalyn. They are not just upset, they are angry with me. They do not like the way I have been treating her of late. Ang dami kong hate messages online.”

The drama and the role have made Dizon a household name and presence. In public, people have been addressing him as Doc Carlos. And, “whether sa mall or sa sementeryo, laging may lambing at request na photos with me. I am grateful sa attention and the appreciation,” said Dizon.

Carmina Villaroel and Allen Dizon in the top-rating afternoon drama ‘Abot Kamay Na Pangarap.’

Favorite roles

During the recent media conference of Smart Access Philippines where Dizon was presented as the brand ambassador of the consultancy firm for Filipinos migrating to Australia, the actor discussed his favorite roles and artistic process.

“My favorite role, the one that gave me an URIAN best actor trophy, is Magkakabaung,” said Dizon, “It was a role closest to my heart because all the lines in the movie are in Kapampangan, and I hail from Pampanga. I also had my daughter as a co-star.”

“Before I say yes to a film, my first request is a copy of the full script,” he added. “Babasahin ko, pinakikiramdaman ko if kaya kong gawin (I read it and weigh whether it’s something I can do). If I get the feeling that it is not an easy one to do, that will make me want to do the role. The higher the level of difficulty of the character, that excites me more. To give life and justice to a character na hindi ako (that’s not me), that drives me to do my work as an actor. I want to tell the character’s story. I want people to see and understand him.”

Range and versatility

This year, Dizon made five films that altogether show off his range and versatility: Jay Altarejos’ Pamilya sa Dilim, Adolf Alix Jr.’s Poon and Acetylene Love, Rommel Ricafort’s Off Load and Topel Lee’s Ligalig.

With Pamilya sa Dilim, “What I will not forget about it is that I get to work with three brilliant actresses of different generations, namely Therese Malvar, Sunshine Dizon and Laurice Guillen,” he said.

About the two movies directed by Alix Jr., he shared: “Poon is about a cult leader and his family, my wife being Janice de Belen. And in Acetylene Love, Cannes Best Actress winner Jaclyn Jose ang leading lady ko, kaya iba ang emotional dynamics and may romantic love pa kaming dalawa.”

 Off Load by Ricafort, on the other hand, is an action movie that highlights Filipino martial arts and is based on a concept by Dizon.

Lastly in Lee’s Ligalig, he shares the screen with National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Nora Aunor, about whom he raved: “When Direk Topel says ‘action!’, makikita mo sa mata niya [Aunor], sa kilos niya, na nag-iiba siya (you can tell from her eyes, the way she moves, how she transforms). She becomes the character, and whatever is the requirement of the director and the script, she gives it her all. Matutulala ka talaga sa galing, pero hindi maramot sa mga kaeksena niya. Madadala ka talaga niya” (You will be stunned at her brilliance, but she is generous to her co-actors. She will really move you).

Whether on TV or in film, Allen Dizon’s A-game continues to shine, and no doubt more accolades will be added to the 52 awards that now proudly crowd his shelves.