Apl.de.ap, Bitto present groundbreaking ‘phygital art’ collection

Apl.de.ap has joined forces with Filipino artist Bitto to craft an innovative “phygital art” collection. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to be showcased through GCash’s GCrypto, Likha’s NFT marketplace and Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery.

In the realm of art, “phygital” signifies the seamless integration of physical and digital experiences. The Apl x Bitto Phygital Art Launch, as described on the Likha website, represents an exclusive fusion of Apl’s musical influence and Bitto’s contemporary style.

These unique phygital pieces will be accompanied by a digital Certificate of Authenticity to ensure secure and on-chain authentication. Likha’s chief executive officer, Gelo Wong, highlighted the significance of blending the physical and digital worlds, offering collectors a secure way to own art with digital certificates and providing artists with new distribution channels.

This marks the second collection under GCrypto x Likha x Vinyl-on-Vinyl, following the success of the “House of Ohlala” by artist Reen Barrera in 2023. The collection encompasses various physical art forms, including silkscreen prints, sculptures, custom sculptures and paintings.

The event, which will benefit the Apl De Ap Foundation, features a 4×5 ft. canvas painting collab between Apl.de.Ap and Bitto. The winning bidder will not only own an original music piece of Apl.de.Ap but will also have the privilege to dine with both artists and two friends.

Reflecting on his winning bid, Jax Reyes emphasized the rarity of such a collaboration and the impact on nurturing youth through education and creative exploration.

The invite-only auction offers attendees the opportunity to acquire limited edition sculptures and silkscreen prints by Bitto, preview Apl’s latest single, “Turnaround” and take home Apl x Bitto merchandise. Original artworks purchased during the event will be autographed by the artists.

Apl.de.ap, renowned as a founding member of The Black Eyed Peas, has not only made his mark in the music industry but also in philanthropy, supporting education and healthcare initiatives in the Philippines. His previous ventures into the NFT space, including collaborations with Filipino artists, showcase his commitment to merging art and technology.

Bitto, a Manila-based contemporary artist, draws inspiration from nature, textiles, Japanese fashion and streetwear, creating vibrant works that delve into personal narratives and reflect diverse interests.

The collaboration between these two creative forces promises a unique blend of music and contemporary art within the evolving landscape of “phygital” experiences.