Does Heart have anything to do with her ex-glam team failing to show up in Dubai?

Heart Evangelista and Justin Louise Soriano. | Photo courtesy of @justinlouisesoriano/Instagram

According to Ogie Diaz’s YouTube program, “Showbiz Update”, Heart Evangelista’s ex-glam team, mainly make-up artist Justin Louise Soriano and hairstylist Jeck Aguilar (now Pia Wurtzbach’s glam team, it has to be said) were held up in Immigration at NAIA and didn’t make it to Dubai for a shoot/show with Mark Bumgarner and Pia Wurtzbach.

They were first held up at the ticket counter, where the team initially thought there was a problem with Wurtzbach’s free miles. Justin and Jeck were reportedly shocked when they found out after being held up at immigration, that they had been put on the hold departure list.

Whether Heart has filed a case against her ex-glam team that put them on the list is unconfirmed