Anyare, Carlo Aquino ??

A video of Carlo Aquino serenading the candidates of Miss Bacolod MassKara 2023 pageant has gone viral because the actor was singing off-key all throughout his number.

The pageant, held last 16 October, saw Aquino singing “Paraluman” by Adie. His lackluster performance has since been criticized by netizens.

Parang di niya naririnig na super off siya (He doesn’t seem to hear that he’s super off),” observed one.

Kulang sa practice (He lacked practice),” declared another, while one simply quipped, “Anyare?” (Literally “what happened,” but more like “what was that?)”

As they say, it comes in threes.

Last July, David Licauco performed “Wherever You Will Go” at the Miss Grand Philippines 2023.

His performance also drew flak as many thought Licauco was inebriated while performing. His emotionless number led some fans to warn the actor not to accept singing assignments as it clearly wasn’t his forte.

“I still love you [but] last mo na yan mahal please (that should be your last please),” wailed one fan.

Another actor who found himself in a similar controversy was Albie Casiño. Performing last August at the Mutya Ng Cotabato 2023 grand finals, Casiño’s hyper appearance had some people wondering if he was intoxicated.

But with these incidents, netizens are asking why pageant organizers also have the bad habit of inviting non-singers to their events when so many real singers are available.


Boss Toyo nixes P8M offer

Pinoy Pawnstars owner Boss Toyo did the seemingly impossible — rejecting an P8 million offer for four Francis Magalona collectibles. His latest Francis M acquisition was a jersey sold by Abigail Rait, who has claimed to be the late master rapper’s lover.

A certain Marvin Favis recently visited Pinoy Pawnstars to make a tempting offer to Boss Toyo: Buy the Francis M memorabilia, beginning with the controversial jersey.

Initially, Favis offered P1 million for the Francis M jersey. But Boss Toyo was unimpressed.

“One M (million) para dito, it’s not going to happen kahit sa dreams,” Boss Toyo reacted.

Favis upped the offer to P2.5 for the jersey, then made an even bigger proposition when he said he was willing to pay P8 million as package price for the jersey and three other Francis M collectibles.

Still, Boss Toyo didn’t bite.  In the end, he said, “Gusto ko muna siyang ma-exhibit sa museum. Hintayin ko na lang [na] ‘yung anak ko ang mag-decide para sa akin.”

Rejection, your honor

A playboy actor once made a pass at a lesbian actress.

After the taping of their series, the cast had some sort of celebration, which of course involved some drinking.

The drunk actor slowly made his way toward the actress and became extra-sweet to her. Eventually, he verbalized his wish to spend the night with her.

The actress politely warded off the playboy actor’s advances by telling him she is lesbian. The actor, seemingly unperturbed, continued to pester her.

Piqued, the actress left the drinking session and locked her door, leaving the actor stunned and dejected.