Lydia Reyes, grand dame of Club Bulakeño, celebrates 90th birthday

Now and then, when I read my friend Jorge Hizon’s posts mostly of birthday celebrations and his friends’ gatherings, I feel transported to the actual event itself, as it happened where it happened and how it happened. It is to Jorge’s credit that he speaks and writes well, but most importantly he is today one of the most socially active of our prominent gentlemen. Jorge edits a magazine so I am just quoting him word for word on this, our reportage on the birthday of the grand dame of Club Bulakeño, señora Dona Lydia Reyes. Here follow Jorge’s notes on that wonderful evening where everyone who matters was present in their most attractive finery:

Friends, loved ones and the Club Bulakeño officers and members gathered to celebrate the 90th birthday of a true grand dame, Lydia Reyes, at the Isla Ballroom of Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

Lydia’s journey through life has been nothing short of extraordinary, as she served as the unwavering pillar of Club Bulakeño, a prestigious socio-civic organization which she co-founded with her late beloved husband, Engr. Gene Reyes, 35 years ago.

The celebration started when the family of our beloved celebrator made their grand entrance in an atmosphere filled with anticipation. At the end of the entourage stood Lydia herself, gracefully escorted by her two sons, drawing resounding applause from the well-dressed esteemed guests gathered to honor her.

The ballroom’s decorations gave us the feeling of stepping into a world of enchantment. A stage adorned with exquisite floral arrangements served as the enchanting backdrop, while a majestic birthday cake took center stage. A colossal LED screen projected images of Lydia’s remarkable life, inviting us all to journey through her cherished memories.

In the heart of the ballroom, two magnificent 20-chair long tables, adorned with floral masterpieces and illuminated by sparkling Crystal Candelabra 5 Cylinder Table Chandeliers, seated special friends and beloved relatives. Overhead, a canopy of hundreds of wisterias and delicate hanging lights, accompanied by wishing balls, created a truly magical ambiance. Additionally, the entire ballroom was filled with 30 round tables, welcoming over 300 well-wishers into this memorable celebration.

As Lydia gracefully blew out the candles on her towering cake, we couldn’t help but feel that each candle represented a wish, a hope for the coming year, all destined to be fulfilled.

Amid a sumptuous sit down dinner, the Marcy David Orchestra entertained the guests with classical melodies, their male and female vocalists lending their enchanting voices to the evening. The highlight of the evening was the arrival of Lydia’s children and grandchildren who took the stage, treating us all to a mesmerizing medley of songs and dance numbers that left us in awe. To conclude this splendid evening, the Club Bulakeño officers joined in harmony to sing the Club Bulakeño hymn.

This was a night that will forever be in our hearts, as guests danced the night away, guided by a dozen dance instructors. As the clock neared midnight, heralding the arrival of Lydia’s actual birthday, all of Lydia’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren united in a song to wish her a happy birthday, while a same-day edit video was shown capturing the essence of this extraordinary celebration.

Lydia Reyes’ life has been a symphony of love, dedication and grace. As we  honor her on her 90th year, we pray that her days ahead be filled with even more joy, love and cherished moments. Happy birthday to a woman whose presence brightens our world. Cheers to you, Tita Lydia! We love you.