Zack Tabudlo, Nasty C deliver an epic musical ‘collision’ in ‘Fallin’

Zack Tabudlo and Nasty C have joined forces to release their latest track, “Fallin’,” in an electrifying musical partnership of the season two of Coca-Cola global Coke Studio program.

At the unveiling event held on 8 July, Tabudlo couldn’t contain his excitement upon learning that he would be the newest face of Coca-Cola.

“Coke is such an iconic brand. Being here is such an honor,” Tabudlo shared with members of the press.

Regarding the artistic freedom granted by Coca-Cola, Tabudlo continued, “I feel like Coke is always giving us the freedom to make the music that we want. So diving into me and Nasty C’s track, we all just collided with the track that we kind of fit in and perfect for everyone.”

The Coca-Cola “Real Magic” brand concept honors the magic of connections between people and the conviction that everyone’s differences make the world a more colorful and fascinating place.

“We are choosing artists that are really breaking through in different parts of the world, and what kind of artists they bring,” said Teejae Sonza, the group marketing director.

She elaborated that the essence of Coke Studio revolves around “collisions,” combining diverse types of music across genres and cultures to create fresh new sounds. Zack, with his exceptional talent, encapsulates these characteristics.

“If Zack will represent OPM, his songwriting ability captures the essence of OPM. We’re very melodic country. His melodies are so good. We are also a lyrics-based country when it comes to the appreciation of music, and if you listen to his lyrics, it’s very well thought of,” she said.


Alongside well-known stars like Taylor Swift and BTS, Tabudlo became the Philippines’ most streamed local musician on Spotify in 2022.


The “Fallin’” performance video, which showcases Nasty C and Zack Tabudlo’s creative collaboration, will go up on the Coke Studio YouTube account on 14 July. However, avid followers can scan their Coke to gain early access.

Zack Tabudlo, a rising Southeast Asian star, embodies the quintessential Gen Z artist of the new decade. Hailing from the Philippines, he is an alternative-pop and R&B singer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Alongside well-known stars like Taylor Swift and BTS, Tabudlo became the Philippines’ most streamed local musician on Spotify in 2022. He just became the first solo Filipino artist to reach one billion Spotify streams, and several of his songs reached the top of Spotify’s Global Viral chart.

“This is my first time releasing a track with a rapper like Nasty C. I’d always had visions of doing more pop-hip hop tracks in the future, so when I heard Nasty C was going to be part of Coke Studio, it felt like the perfect time to do it,” Tabudlo said.

Global collaboration and limitless creativity are fostered by the Coke Studio platform for both upcoming and veteran artists.

In the Philippines, Coke Studio has successfully completed its seventh season and is carrying out its goal of promoting both up-and-coming Original Pilipino Music artists and renowned musical icons.