Xian Gaza confirms engagement

CONTROVERSIAL Internet personality Christian Gaza is now engaged to his non-showbiz girlfriend. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/XIAN GAZA

Online personality Christian Albert Gaza, known as Xian Gaza, announces his engagement.

In a video posted on Xian’s Facebook page, the online personality was seen kneeling in front of a white-dressed girl with the Marina Bay Sands as backdrop in Singapore.

“I thought marriage is just a paper ‘til I met you,” Gaza said in his caption.

In other posts of Gaza, he and his fiancée recently celebrated her birthday.

Gaza also revealed that he had loaned P100,000 from Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawnstars to be able to buy his engagement ring as he admitted he wasn’t liquid with his finances.

In 2017, Xian Gaza first became viral after asking out actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date by putting up a billboard in Morayta, Manila.

A year later, he was convicted of violating the Bouncing Check Law.

Three years later, Gaza also asked Blackpink’s Jennie for a dinner date through a billboard across Seoul, South Korea.

Of late, these stunts have been taken over by his new moniker “Pambansang Maritess,” where he seemingly reveals no holds barred details about the latest gossip.