Workplace wellness has benefits

TELUS Philippines utilizes online gaming to provide mental health support for team members. | Photograph courtesy of Telus

Mental health illness is a growing concern for many employees across Asia.

The inaugural Aon and TELUS Health Asia Mental Health Index report shows that 82 percent of employees in Asia face moderate (47 percent) to high (35 percent) mental health risks.

Stress, anxiety and burnout emerged as primary drivers of reduced productivity, affecting 45 percent of respondents negatively.

 As a staunch advocate for team-member well-being, TIP is doubling down on efforts to provide increased access to mental health support and services.

This year, the company has partnered with TELUS Health, a global health and well-being provider that extends counseling services to ensure employees’ physical, mental and financial health, to offer a world-class Employee Assistance Program to TIP team members and their families at no additional cost.

“Through the TELUS Health EAP, we provide 24/7 confidential support tailored to our team members’ preferences, comfort levels, and lifestyles,” said Anne Muñoz, TELUS International Philippines country vice president.

“It includes short-term professional counseling that provides support for personal and emotional issues, as well as additional support services to connect team members with resources and services to help with work, health, and family problems.”

 Moreover, year-round mental health sessions will be available to all team members. There will be a sustained effort to reduce the stigma traditionally surrounding mental health challenges through initiatives that go beyond Mental Health Awareness Month.

For instance, in 2023, the company enhanced mental health support for the gaming community among its team members by offering unique in-game consultation sessions with licensed mental health experts.

 The high cost of medicine in the Philippines continues to be a barrier to access, especially for low-income Filipinos.

 To further enhance access to medication, TIP recently relaunched the TIP online pharmacy, providing team members with easy access to a variety of branded, generic and prescription medications, beauty products and personal hygiene items at discounted prices.

Exclusive promotions and freebies from the online pharmacy partner contribute to a holistic approach to employee well-being.

 The company also goes above and beyond in its HMO coverage, extending benefits not only to spouses but also to same-sex and domestic partners, recognizing the diverse realities of team members.