Winning my 46th book project in 25 years with MIESCOR 50th anniversary book

Exactly a week ago on 15 June, I had a contract signing with Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation to produce its 50th anniversary coffee table book. It was such a delight and honor to meet with its top executives and the editorial book committee to record the book signing event.

This book project negotiation was started mid-November 2022 when I received a call from MIESCOR’s procurement department to inquire if I was interested to produce its 50th anniversary book. Of course, I said “YES” and finally after six months of discussions, we arrived at a win-win solution to all the many details that needed to be addressed.

Creating the book content for my many books has always been such a journey of discoveries and education for me. Going through the gamut of all the stages of production, from the many interviews and photoshoots to discussions with my great book team on the concepts of the cover and styling, produces such a “high” that enables us to capture the spirit and the message of each book.

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF BING CARRION | MIESCOR contract signing for the company’s 50th-anniversary coffee table book.

Each of my books varies from design to content as the materials we gather dictate the outcome of the book’s narrative. However, every time I submit a complete book proposal to a client, that particular book project is done in my head. Only the execution of the details for all the pages remains to be done.

Why do I do what I do best — that is capturing the milestone moments and defining stories of each of my book projects? It is because we can never underestimate the power of the written word. Long after we are gone from this earth, the books I produce create legacies of the wonderful journey of each of my subjects that are forever etched in the annals of Philippine history, life and culture. My books become the stories of generations of Filipino families, international and domestic corporations, NGOs and distinguished Asian leaders.

The honor that each of my collectible coffee table books, found in select libraries around the world, accords to my many featured subjects that become part of the annals of Philippine history. As generations pass, these legacies of dreams, of character, of education, of honor are the forces that build kinship, binds our culture together, drive our people to new and challenging heights, thus creating a vibrant, a driven and innovative society with a conscience.

The pages of my books always endeavor to capture the legacies that bring light, color, joy, honor and glory to each of my subjects. Their narratives become sources of deep inspiration, commitment, learning and abiding faith that produces life-defining changes and the anchor that brings meaning and direction to our lives.

I shall always endeavor to write strong narratives that inspire the readers to become the best versions of themselves. This is the main reason that I write. I wake up each morning with deep joy and a grateful heart in thanksgiving to God Almighty who inspires me to do the books that uplifts the human spirit which creates a kinder, happier and wonderful world for us all.