Why These Men Bring on the Summer Rain and Quench

Summer fling or summer loving? To be or not to be, it is indeed the question, excuse my dear Hamlet! This Philippine summer has become a scorcher. The fairies, fag hags, glamazons and men who also covet men need more reasons to feel the chill, be drenched and wet. What better way to feel that river of surprise is when it starts to rain with men! Alleluia, indeed!  Presenting some of the finest male specimens that make us go ooh this season of heat.

Original Hunk

Dramatic actor and one of our most favorite Mr. Pogi Jericho Rosales, in his social media account, specifically on Instagram, gives us not only a glimpse, but a full display of how toned, trim and lovely he is.

Photos capture him at his most playful, showing that delicious tongues of his, and the beach, which he loves as his heaven on this place called earth, has him as the sun worshipper, who hears the songs and sirens, and the perfect embodiment of a seasoned man. Experience has made him rich, that is why the majority go after him. Of course, that is if you can beat the very good girl, queen Kathryn Bernardo, reportedly Echo’s my Cherie Amour.

Showbiz Royals

From the House of Agoncillo, eldest son of Kristoffer Lou (real name of Ryan) and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Juan Luis Agoncillo, nicknamed Lucho, has reached his age of puberty, officially a teen. Round brown eyes, a face that is the perfect mix of Ryan and Juday, with soccer as his team sport of choice, scream not only alta (affluent) but matinee idol in the making.

Another showbiz royal, the only son of Ariel (Aga’s birth name) and Charlene Mae Bonnin-Muhlach, Andres Muhlach, the young man of 20 summers, is already a ramp model, brand ambassador and will soon star in a situational comedy show with his parents and wonder twin Atasha this May on TV5.

The young master Muhlach’s special appearance on Eat Bulaga! earned an impressive number of online buzz and it made Ryza Mae Dizon oh-so very happy. The young and still maliit (petite) Dizon does not deny having a crush on Andres. The Madrid-educated Muhlach is every inch a heartthrob and can give Prince Charming, Prince Philip and all the Disney princes tough competition.

Man of the Law

They actually make lawyers like him in Cebu? Wow! Just Wow! Attorney Oliver Moeller is the biggest handsome discovery that came from the “EXPecially For You” segment of It’s Showtime. He stole not only the heart of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, but also the hearts of a million Filipinas with his height, physique, intelligence and uncanny resemblance to Piolo Pascual.

The number one noontime variety show called Moeller “The Sporty Lawyer of Cebu” who, aside from being a man of law, is a fitness enthusiast, baller and golfer. Oliver, with his looks and height, is definitely a welcome addition to the world of modelling and acting — if he decides to pursue it.

And yes, I am one of those who affirm and believe that he can be a perfect leading man for Kim Chiu.

Most Handsome

Putting an exclamation to this enumeration of finest male specimens is SB19’s Ken Suson, hailed by his Chicken and Kids fandoms and Felip Stans, as the “pambansang guapo ng Pilipinas” (the Philippine most handsome).

Proof of this handsomeness is the many photos and videos from the recent SB19 festival appearance that captured Felip Jhon’s masculine appeal, handsome facial features, smirks and smiles, and that man bun adding more to his X-factor. Putting more sizzle and scorch to Suson is the onstage chemistry he shares with Stell Ajero, the other half that constitutes KenTell, the portmanteau of the two that has become the biggest SB19 ship.

If you want some more of Felip’s scorch and sexiness, his latest music video for his song, “Fake Faces,” has, since its release four days ago, already raked in 207K plus views, 32K likes and 6K comments on YouTube, and the digits are growing by the minute.

A running, slick-haired Suson, garbed in a sleeveless shirt that showed off his toned arms and swag that shouted he is too sexy for his outfit, makes SB19 fans and casuals believe why he’s the Philippines’ most handsome.

Men with the finest attitude Jericho Rosales, Lucho Agoncillo, Andres Muhlach, Oliver Moeller and Ken Suson, let these fine gentlemen bring on the rain and the quench!