Why Marian Rivera has a ‘no English, please’ policy at work

If there’s one thing utterly admirable about Marian Rivera, it is her guts and gumption to say what she wants and to express what she dislikes.

Rivera, a consummate actress, has a “no English, please” policy whenever she’s at work – whether it be tapings, photo shoots or other professional activities.

Rivera is never in her comfort zone when she hears people conversing in English, openly acknowledging that English is her Waterloo. So when she works, she is most effective when she is not forced to use the King’s language.

Another admirable trait of Rivera is her humility. In a recent interview, she almost clammed up when she was told she’s now being called the new TikTok Queen, due to her dance videos that have racked up millions of views and likes.

“Hay, parang hindi naman. Nahiya ako bigla. Basta enjoy lang ako” (It doesn’t seem like that. Suddenly I’m shy. I just want to enjoy), she said during her launch as endorser of a medicine brand.

SETH Fedelin


Seth him free
When Seth Fedelin was just starting, his parents were very much alarmed over the constant presence of a young actress in their abode.

The actress, seemingly smitten by Fedelin’s charm, would not only drop by to surprise the actor. She’d stay more than long enough to be called a visitor.

The parents became so worried as Fedelin’s then-fledgling career was at stake. They were afraid that the actress’ perennial presence would cause their son’s career to falter, that the juvenile love clearly budding at that time would progress into something serious so soon.

The parents heaved a sigh of relief when the actress stopped dropping by the actor’s house.

Fedelin, the family breadwinner, could finally concentrate on his career. Now, he’s been doing TV projects one after the other.

Right on the heels of the actor’s participation in the top-rating drama show Dirty Linen, Fedelin can be seen next playing Oca, a vlogger obsessed with doing pranks, in the thriller Fractured.

Among the characters in the series, it’s Fedelin’s Oca that was given a back story: a young man dead set on making himself a popular vlogger so he can send his sister to school.

A case of life imitating art?


KAORI Oinuma

Kaori Oinuma is living proof that there are no small roles, only small actors.

Oinuma appeared in three scenes in A Very Good Girl, topbilled by Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon. Her scenes lasted no more than one minute each, but they were replete with shock and force, especially her last scene where she was a scene-stealer.

Oinuma’s presence in the movie is not something to sneer at, as it necessitated audacity which she displayed in great abundance.

Her bewildered character’s interaction with De Leon is truly one of the movie’s highlights.

Now we understand why Chie Filomeno, her co-star in the movie, wanted to switch roles with Oinuma.

Oinuma is a teen star by way of Pinoy Big Brother Otso. She has since appeared in She’s Into Her, Paradise Island, Tara G and the ongoing iWant TFC series Fractured, with Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz. She is also one of the first batch of stars under Rise Artists Studio, a talent management arm of ABS-CBN Films.