Where do women stand today?

Avon International Women’s Month panelists (from left) host and moderator Anne Gauthier, Pauline Amelinckx, Mimiyuuuh, Lynn Pinugu and Onna Rhea Quizo.

In a world where you can be anything, it is important to be kind.

Multinational cosmetics and skincare brand Avon recently conducted a Global Progress Report where a thousand women in the Philippines, aged 18 and above, were surveyed on gender-based issues. On the part of noticing signs of domestic abuse, a whopping 44 percent of the respondents noticed a colleague who appeared to have suffered from physical injuries or other signs of domestic abuse.

One in two women also shared that a colleague confided in receiving abuse from their partner at home. As three in five women shared concern and offered information and support about where to get help, there were still two in five of those women who did not know what to say and how to provide support. In the end, no action was done.

FOR every lipstick sold, P10 will be donated to partner organizations that help victims and individuals speak out against violence against women.

Gender inequality is a complex, diverse and widespread issue. It doesn’t just take one form; it is manifested in financial means, in access to opportunity, through restrictions of freedoms and omission from decision-making.

The reasons why women experience inequality are deeply embedded, making them harder to overcome. But wherever, however and whyever inequality exists, one thing is true — allowing it to persist not only holds women back from reaching their full potential, but also society.

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“Yet, no nation has achieved full gender equality; systemic constraints persist, impeding women’s economic freedoms and perpetuating disadvantage. Despite broad consensus on the importance of gender equality, progress is slow,” said Linda Scott, emeritus professor of Saïd Business School at University of Oxford.

Avon’s research also explored the attitudes and feelings of women toward their safety, an issue that remains a key pillar of the company’s commitment to end violence against women and girls. Unfortunately, the results are startling.

As women continue to face threats to their safety across the world, people need to understand more about the spaces and places where women do feel safe, and where, sadly, they do not.

How to be an ally

If someone discloses that they are currently experiencing or have experienced abuse, offer them a safe and private space to talk. Listen without judgement or blame and let them know they are not alone.

Be mindful of your own behavior and how it might affect women. For example, avoid making sexist or inappropriate jokes, respect women’s personal space.

Be aware of your own biases and assumptions and try to challenge the beliefs you have on others based on their gender. Call out gender stereotypes and inequality when you encounter them.

Familiarize yourself with the signs of both verbal and physical abuse. Educate yourself and those around you on the local services and support available for victims of domestic abuse.

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In line with Avon’s commitment of encouraging individuals to speak out against violence and to shine bright for the women in need, P10 will be donated to Avon’s partner organizations that help rescue and rehabilitate survivors of abuse for every Hydramatic Shine Lipstick sold.

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