Where creativity finds A voice

Print media, in today’s digital age, not only survives, but thrives. As digital screens take center stage, the appeal of print gains new importance. This revival sparks creativity, connecting with those who seek a more tangible experience. Such was evident in United Print Media Group Philippines’ Tinta Print Media Festival with the theme “Celebrating Creativity in Print” exhibit, honoring local creative industries and the print sector’s significance, which ran from 25 to 28 October at Lucky Chinatown’s Main Atrium.

newspaper printing machine.

The event’s grand inauguration space started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, led by UPMG president Barbie L. Atienza, alongside UPMG officers, prominent figures in the print media industry and distinguished guests. In his opening address, Atienza highlighted the rich history of the Philippine print media sector, saying, “We are celebrating the print media industry for more than 100 years.” 

He emphasized how committed the industry is to its main mission: “We are all dedicated to one proposition and one commitment to the country, and that is to provide information and education so that the Filipino people make well-informed, well-guided decisions and take sound decisions in different issues that affect the nation.”


The exhibition, which featured a variety of cutting-edge print works, was both a visual and intellectual treat. It served as a venue to recognize and celebrate the exceptional creativity and significant impact of the Philippine print and publishing industries.

The “Celebrating Creativity in Print” exhibit, which explored the various facets of print media, not only showcased artistic ability, but also showed the long-lasting influence of print media on public debate and knowledge communication. It was an opportunity for both industry insiders and the general public to develop a deeper understanding of this potent medium’s contribution to the development of a well-informed and educated society.

In this ever-evolving digital age, the Tinta Print Media Festival Exhibit stands as a testament to the resilience and relevance of print media, continuing to be a vital source of information, education and inspiration for the Filipino people. 

With each carefully curated exhibit, the print industry reaffirms its commitment to serving the nation’s thirst for knowledge and its dedication to empowering citizens to make informed decisions that impact the nation’s future.