What’s in your Easter egg?


Perhaps we have been doing it for so long, we may have forgotten why colorful eggs symbolize Easter in the first place.

What do eggs have to do with this Catholic tradition of the Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection?

Eggs are a symbol of “fertility and rebirth.” In Christianity, sources say, they were first used to “symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus from which Jesus was resurrected.”

Also, an “ancient tradition was the staining of Easter eggs with the color red “in memory of the blood of Christ, shed as at that time of his crucifixion.”

Easter eggs can mean different things to people — perhaps the happy pastel colors evoke the joy of Christ’s resurrection, or maybe the eggs mean rebirth or new beginnings. It carries one’s hopes, thoughts, or wishes for one’s family, country, or the world.


I wish I still do the Easter egg hunt. Those were fond memories. Ako simple lang (For me, it’s simple) — I want to take care of the environment and ensure that everybody has food on their table. We can grow our own food.

What’s in my Easter egg? It’s my Easter wishes: that everybody would have food on their table and people should take care of the immediate environment. Also to grow gulay (vegetables) even in the city, gardening, to collect water whenever there’s rain. Bihira ngayon dahil El Niño (It’s seldom happens now because it’s El Niño).

The day-to-day kind of life should be a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. That’s my bucket list for Easter, na talagang I  (that I would really) tick off everything and try to walk my talk, not just as an Easter bucket list but every day. I try to share that with my staff, with my colleagues in the Senate, and people I interact with.” -— SENATOR LOREN LEGARDA, Senate President Pro Tempore

“I wish my Easter Egg is filled with magical morsels of ‘peace’ that can stop all the wars, chaos, confusion, hatred, misunderstanding, abuse… all the mess around us and make our world better so that we can be happy the way God wants us to be.” — CHEF JESSIE SINCIOCO, Chef Jessie Rockwell

“Firstly, this Easter I wish for a more peaceful world. Despite the tragedy and negativity in the world today, may God guide us on how to navigate these happenings and that we may mirror his goodness and spread kindness and selflessness in the world today.

Secondly, for my family to be more present and to be each other’s support systems and to share our love more openly with one another. It’s important to show our love, support and appreciation to each other especially in this time of Easter.

Lastly, I hope that for myself and for each and every one the gift of mindfulness and patience. That we may appreciate the time that we have in this world and be patient in order to continue to see the opportunity in continuous ongoing challenges in business and life.” — MARITEL NIEVERA, Cabalen Group of Restaurants founder and chief executive officer

“Since I really love celebrating Easter — kasi even as a kid, my parents did a very good job of, like, just making that day special — alam nila pag (my two sons know it’s) Easter kasi binabasahan namin sila ng (because we read to them a) Bible verse.

“Yeah, definitely [it’s not just about the Easter egg]. I think my kids are not that even familiar with the egg. Later on lang d’yan pumasok (It only came in later on).

Pero (But their) first encounter talaga nila of Easter is all about Jesus and why we’re able to celebrate life because of that moment, na (that) it’s not enough that Jesus died on the cross, He had to beat essentially what we need to do and He showed that by resurrecting. So that’s what they know of Easter. Of course, the maliit (small) one is, like, medyo mas (a bit more) simple pa. Pero (But) they know it’s about Jesus.”

Ako (Me) I just… The older you get, you become simpler, your aspirations and dreams. Me, I just want a long life with my kids. I just want to be able to enjoy them with so much strength and joy. Hindi ’yung parang (Not like) you’re crippled by any disease. So, I’m just praying for that.”
RICA PERALEJO, actor and content creator

“Easter is a special holiday celebrated by many people around the world, especially Christians. It marks the day they believe Jesus Christ came back to life after being crucified, showing that love and life are stronger than death.

People celebrate Easter in different ways: some go to church; others have Easter egg hunts; and many gather with family for a big meal. The eggs and bunnies you see everywhere are symbols of new life and spring. That’s what I tell my two kids.”

“I really hope that I can bring the kids to have a vacation in another country.” — CAI CORTEZ, actor and comedian

“Easter egg ay simbolo ng muling pagsilang, bago, pagbabago at pagyakap sa bagong pag-asa at buhay. ’Yan ang sabi ko sa kay Malia [‘yung bunso], like ’yung egg ay simbolo ng bagong buhay at hope (The Easter egg is a symbol of new birth, being new, change and embracing a new hope and life. That’s what I tell her, like the egg is a symbol of new life and hope).”

“Inside the egg [are my] dreams and hopes (a red heart).” — POKWANG, actor, TV host and comedian