Welcome to Caf² Casablanca

As part of the Rustan’s Morocco Festival, a pop-up restaurant offering authentic Moroccan fare is open to everyone who wish to sample the country’s cuisine.

Chef Idrissi Bencherif/Mohamed from Morocco prepared a menu using ingredients only from Morocco.

Start out with an appetizer, whether it be the fresh and colorful Moroccan Salad, the Taktoouka Salad (made of tomato and roasted pepper), or the Zaalouk Salad (with grilled eggplant) — perfect to spread on freshly baked olive bread.



Beef Tajine.


Moroccan Salad.


Chicken Tajine.

For the main course, a must-try are either the Beef or Chicken Tajine, or if you prefer, the Seafood Pastilla.

Moroccan wines are available to go with your meal, or traditional tea, served plain or sweet.

Try the Jawhara for dessert, a layered sweet pastry made with custard and fruits. Another option is the Orange Salad with Fruits.

Café Casablanca on the second floor of the Makati department store will be available daily until 2 October.