Weaving a new era

Dalisay in Black and Diwa in Rust. | PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF KARIMADON

The time has come for a new era for a local clothing brand that, for 44 years, has been known for its well-made, timeless pieces and flattering silhouettes.

Karimadon takes a step further in showcasing Filipino artistry with New Weave, its latest collection in collaboration with the social enterprise Malingkat community from Mindanao.

“We wanted to come up with something new for Karimadon,” Rick Go, president of Karimadon, told DAILY TRIBUNE. “It’s been a while since we’ve done something different. We tried looking for different partners for this kind of initiative. Malingkat was the most collaborative and most willing to work with us on this project.”

DALISAY in Rust.

New Weave is a seven-piece collection with four designs using Yakan weaves. The artisans behind it, the Yakan weavers, are one of the more known weaving communities in the country. Their tennun, local term for woven fabrics, are easily distinguishable with its geometric patterns and designs. They also continue to use a traditional backstrap loom until today.

While Yakan weaves are traditionally bold and vibrant, its integration into Karimadon will see fabrics that are more neutral or muted in colors.

Diwa, available in Marsala and Blush, is a pencil skirt dress that comes in a sweetheart neckline cut and the signature Filipiniana terno sleeve.

Mutya is an asymmetrical, full-length flowy jumpsuit that features the Yakan weaves on its waistband and gathered cuff.

For those looking for a pencil skirt dress, Diwa comes with a sweetheart neckline cut and signature Filipiniana terno sleeve. Dalisay is a mid-shin, box pleats dress with pockets. It can be worn as an off-shoulder number. Both styles come in two different colors and showcase Yakan weaves at the hem of the sleeves.

Tala, meanwhile, is an elegant, flattering piece with a unique neckline and detachable belt. This gown also comes in two colors.

“The names Dalisay, Mutya, Diwa and Tala were taken from Filipino words that best define Filipino women. The colors in this collection are truly a combination of earth and feminine hues,”Nicolas said.

Tala is an elegant, flattering piece with a unique neckline and detachable belt. It also comes with pockets.

Like previous collections, all Karimadon pieces go through months of research and product development. The brand has always been able to come up with pieces that stay fashionable for years and kept up with the ever-changing fashion trends — the “love local” movement included.

(from left) Karimadon’s designer Embi Nicolas, chief executive officer Josie Go and president Rick Go.

“It’s one of the objectives of the collection is to really reach new audience. We stayed true to use silhouettes and styles that our shoppers already love. To capture a new market but still cater to our loyal customers,” Go added.

New Weave is available in-stores and online at www.karimadonfashion.com.