Wearable art pieces

The pursuit of virtue is often associated with religion and morality. But it becomes an instance of clarity in the case of ArtinJewels as this Filipino brand explores the movement of light within varied materials — the hardness of metals softened into curving shapes.

The pieces in this latest collection are divided in seven virtues. Vibrance is about the coming-to-life of vivid colors, and Pleasance, a welcome respite.

Abundance exemplifies a profusion of lovely delights, while Temperance is for a moment of necessary restraint.

Prudence celebrates the wisdom of seeing ahead, with Resonance as a connection with one’s inner light, and Lucence, the radiance of muted colors.

ArtinJewels was founded in 2017 by internationally recognized artist, author and poet Anne Carly Abad.

She describes each piece as an expression of what is sublime, irreplaceable and beautiful, while eternalized in precious gems and metals.

Anne selects the gems herself, from the main stones to the tiniest of diamonds. The pieces are designed to last, transcending trends and time so they may be loved and cherished for generations to come.

Visit www.artinjewelsbyanne.com.