We all have psychic powers

(Part one)

All of us have it. Although some may have more of it than others. Nevertheless, it is something that every individual has, whether he believes it or not.

I am referring to psychic powers or extrasensory perception. The word extrasensory perception is, in fact, an unfortunate choice of words to describe the ability or faculty of a person to perceive things seemingly beyond our normal sensory faculties.

In general, children below seven years old display unusual psychic perceptions compared to adults. As they grow older, they tend to follow the normal behavior patterns, so as not to appear weird or out of this world.

Lack of understanding the real nature of psychic ability has led to children being diagnosed to be hallucinating because they can see things that the majority of children cannot.

I remember the case of a shy 14-year-old girl, who would spend hours under their house, talking to creatures only she could see. The mother thought her daughter was hallucinating and wanted her confined in a mental hospital.

Upon examining and interviewing the girl, I was convinced she was not insane. She could actually see invisible nature spirits or elementals staying under their house. The girl was extraordinarily psychic. I told the mother to let her attend my two-day Basic E.S.P. Development Seminar to help her understand the nature of psychic powers or ability. The mother brought her to the seminar, but attended it herself to accompany her daughter. After the seminar, the mother was also able to see the invisible friends her daughter could see.

When I was in elementary and high school, I remember being able to tell when the teacher would give a surprise quiz. Because of this, I always received very good grades.

Why do we lose such wonderful ability as psychic perception? Simply because of the need to conform, to be like everybody else and not appear weird.

I remember the story of an American high school student who could see a cat with two tails. He alone could see the strange cat on the school campus. Because he appeared weird to his classmates and teachers, he deliberately tried to suppress such ability until he could no longer see the strange cat.

This is what happens to most of us.

Third eye

The center of psychic ability or perception lies in a tiny organ located at the center of our brain, called the pineal gland. It is a small pine-shaped organ that is sometimes referred to as the third eye.

Children have a very active pineal gland — but this is usually suppressed — and its use discouraged by adults, who do not understand its function and existence. As we know, any organ that is not used, just like our muscles, shrinks.

If we do not discourage children from having psychic perception, they can grow up being psychic, even at an old age.

I do not particularly consider myself to have a well-developed E.S.P. ability, but I have had many psychic experiences, which grew as I got older, instead of disappearing. One of the most remarkable cases I can remember was a Japanese man, who was courting my daughter in California. Because my daughter was not sure of him, she faxed me the picture of the man, who said he was single and has never been married. Upon seeing his face, I immediately told my daughter that this man was lying. I told her the Japanese guy is married, gave her a wrong name and had five children.

Upon checking his background, what I told her turned out to be true. The man gave her a false name, he is married with four children, and his wife was pregnant.

Next week: We all have psychic powers (Part Two).

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