Wanderlust activated in latest travel extravaganza 

Travel lovers and adventure seekers were in for a special treat as the Travel Sale Expo 2023 took center stage at the SM Megamall recently. The event, created to arouse wanderlust, included a variety of options to travel abroad.

A symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony on 29 September marked the beginning of the first-ever expo event and the start of the travel selling expo as a whole. The atmosphere immediately changed into a vivacious celebration of Filipino culture, complete with breathtaking performances that highlighted the country’s rich history.

Traditional acts like “Sayaw sa Bangko,” a dance on top of wooden benches, and other festive displays of local dances left the audience captivated, providing a glimpse into the dynamic and colorful essence of Filipino traditions.

The display offered special deals to explore the hidden gems and scenic beauty within the nation without breaking the bank, an initiative led by event chair Michelle Taylan, a former president of the Philippine Travel Agencies Association.

Until 1 October, travelers came across appealing offers that catered to a variety of tastes and inclinations, including pristine beaches and enchanting mountains.

Taylan said, “This endeavor is a product started from falling in love and committed to the beauty of what I love to do,” which is “promoting tourism to create a business that will bring jobs to many people that would help them to make a living.”

She also highlighted that the expo is “not just a regular expo” as it offers an excellent platform to discover new travel destinations and seek recommendations from seasoned travelers with more than 100 exhibitors, entertainment center operators, clothing retailers and service providers.

The organizers are already focusing on farther horizons as they look to the future. Plans are already in motion to hold the expo in May of next year at the massive SMX Convention Center, giving a grander venue to handle the growing excitement. This is done in anticipation of an even larger gathering of travel aficionados.

The event intends to offer a broader selection of travel options, exclusive discounts and entertaining activities with the goal of creating a more immersive and interactive experience. Prepare for a travel extravaganza of epic proportions that is guaranteed to trigger your wanderlust and pave the way for wonderful experiences to far-off new or favorite places.