Walk back in time with iconic German footwear brand

Who would have guessed that Maison Valentino had collaborated with Birkenstock? On display at Greenbelt 5’s The Gallery, this stylish collaboration is but part of an exhibition showcasing the German footwear brand’s centuries-old legacy.

With comfort in his mind, master shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock started making an anatomical last in 1896. While his sandals were well-received for the comfort they afforded the wearer, at some point in history, they flopped because the fashion trends at the time were the complete opposite. The year 1963, for example, was the launch of the Original Birkenstock-Footbed Sandal, but it was only in 1979 when the same style, called “Madrid,” found its footing, pun intended.

This classic model remains popular to this day. Amid all the footwear brands today, Birkenstock proves that a good idea can last forever.

All its significant moments and iconic styles are on view at the Birkenstock Hourglass Exhibition in Greenbelt 5. Go down memory lane with the brand in anticipation of its 250th anniversary in 2024.

Guests at the event that included Birkenstock enthusiasts, Manila-based German social groups and partners from across the Philippines had a close look at the brand’s first shoe models, as well as archival tools representative of its dynamic history from over two centuries ago.

A preview of an upcoming footwear collection was also on display. Rustic yet modern, the Zürich model combines the stability of a closed-toe shoe with the lightness of a sandal. Its upper is constructed with a mix of soft synthetic felt and thick natural leather.

Guests clustered around a leather personalization booth, where they could customize an exclusive leather keychain with their initials. In addition, the Find Your Fit wall allowed them to learn about the importance of wearing shoes that offer the right fit, and discover their correct shoe size when wearing BIRKENSTOCK footwear.

For over two centuries, Birkenstock has remained committed to crafting authentic comfort for people all around the globe. Deeply rooted in tradition since 1774, the brand has remained firm in its purpose of crafting footwear that allows people to walk as nature intended and educating people on the importance of foot health in the process.

The brand creates footwear that offers wearers comfort and support, with a footbed designed and meticulously crafted with high-quality and sustainable materials. Now considered a cult classic, the brand has emerged as an icon in the fashion world.

Catch the exhibition until 15 October.