Wake up looking fresh with semi-permanent make-up

If you want to look fresh upon waking up or you don’t have the time to apply cosmetics properly, semi-permanent make-up is the solution. A skilled technician can subtly enhance facial features. The natural look is achieved by inserting pigments into the superficial layer under the topmost level of the skin. The make-up lasts for one to three years until it fades off.

Kathryna Yu-Pimentel, owner of Alpina Lounge and Wellness at Uptown Parade, Taguig City, has tapped internationally trained and seasoned technicians who not only provide professional skills but also have the eye for beauty. The salon has invested in the best imported accredited machine, needles and pigments with organic ingredients.

Russian semi-permanent makeup master, Maria Zhukova, specializes in shapely brows and fuller lips. She uses American-made pigments that match the shade of the hairs on the eyebrows and the color of the lips.

Semi-permanent makeup is recommended for individuals with sparse or uneven brows; thin, pale or dark lips and those who are sensitive to certain cosmetics.

RATHER than having to fill your brows everyday, semi-permanent makeup does the job in creating your desired brow shape..

Zhukova selects the most flattering shade to match the client’s skin tone and create the perfect eyebrow or lips for one’s face. She applies extremely fine dots of color to create the illusion of natural hair strokes. The method also covers the balding areas or gaps from scars in the eyebrows. The result is a youthful appearance.

The semi-permanent lip make-up enhances fullness and adds symmetry to uneven or crooked lips and minimizes dark areas around the lips.

LIP tattooing is recommended for those with lip imperfections.

Zhukova specializes in ombre shading wherein the darker color is applied on the tail of the eyebrow and gradually lightens towards the inner corner. On the mouth, the darker color is dotted on the border while the lighter shade covers the lip projections.

“Filipinas want natural brighter lips. Red highlights their warm skin tones,” she observes.

To assure safety, clients fill up a health screening form. Clients with previous tattooed makeup are advised to undergo laser removal first.

Zhukova shows the disposable needles and pigments to be used on the clients. A topical anesthetic is applied on the brows or lips to lessen the discomfort of the procedure.  Zhukova uses a special machine from Germany with Italian needles to insert the pigment into the skin. The procedure lasts for two or three hours. Clients are given an ointment and other after-care protocols. The result is a youthful appearance.