Unity platters hurdle Guinness

Over 800 hours of kitchen prep by 80 chefs, 439 tables laden with 888 platters of Yu Sheng, and a group of 3,268 excited PropNexians culminated in breaking the Guinness World Records title for the Most People Participating in a Lo Hei Toss Simultaneously.

Recently, PropNex, Singapore’s largest listed real-estate agency, made history by ushering in the Year of the Dragon with a record-breaking Lo Hei toss.

The event took place at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, where 3,268 PropNex management, staff, salespersons and guests participated, and beat the 2016 Guiness World Records title with 430 participants.

PropNex’s spectacular setup featured platters of Yu Sheng presented in the form of two majestic dragons, with their massive bodies winding across all three halls.

A troupe of 10 lions and two dragons gave a spectacular performance revving up the energy at this event. As the PropNex salespersons proceeded to toss the Yu Sheng in the symbolic Lo Hei, their voices were raised loudly in unison, roaring “Huat ah! Huat ah! (To prosperity!).”

Breaking away from tradition, PropNex made a bold decision to unite its salespersons from various divisions for the first time, fostering a sense of collective celebration.