To travel is to be tough

The term “revenge travel” has been uttered so often that you get images of everyone’s knuckles clutching their pieces of luggage like weapons. Everyone wants to go somewhere despite airport hassles, traffic and other obstacles. The journey and destination are always worth it. Your luggage should be the sturdy companion you almost never think twice about. It just follows your vibe.

Do you want luggage you forget? One that works so well you hardly remember it’s there, or do you want luggage you remember, where you know it’s yours just as it peaks from the carousel? TUNKR promises to be both, with hip designs and colors and with sturdy construction and framework.

TUNKR was created by a young group of investors who know what’s good for the young adventurous traveler because they do the same things and want the same qualities in gear — toughness, utility, necessity and reliability. 

The reinforced aluminum trolley is engineered to handle capacity a little over the limit. It is strategically bent aluminum to form unique shapes that has resistance when heavy force is applied.

VOLT | photograph courtesy of TUNKR

The anti-theft zippers comprise of a double zipper, a zipper on the inside and the outside, and they are called such because the zippers cannot be penetrated by sharp objects. If the outer zipper is punctured, it will not penetrate the second zipper.

The bottom handle is strategically placed to easily pull the luggage from all sides, thus encouraging people to grab on the handle and not the wheels. The handle at the bottom is especially useful for a quick grab.

The wheels are special silent and durable wheels. The last thing you want when traveling is to call attention to how noisy your luggage is, and there is a lot of wheeling your trunk around. 

The padded interior makes travel with fragile belongings safer. The additional soft pads work similarly to the paddings in cars, just for that extra touch of luxury.

The luggage also comes with a detachable interior organizer, which is a trademark of the company and is usually used for toiletries such as soap, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, shaver, etc. It is also used as a compressor inside the luggage.

You may have seen travel bags that advertise the TSA Lock, which is a global security system that allows passengers to lock their luggage while also allowing security authorities to inspect them without damage. The TSA was named for the Transportation Security Administration, an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security, which was the first security agency to use the system, so if there’s anything that’s secure while also allowing travelers need flexibility, this is the standard.

TUNKR bags also have a kissing lock, rings in the zipper slider that interlock to allow attachments such as padlocks to be locked for extra protection.

It takes a lot of time to travel from one place to another, so your luggage should be a great traveling buddy. Whether you travel by land, air or sea, whatever elements you encounter, TUNKR is said to be built for it.