The other side of valor

Although he has been kept busy through the years by the responsibilities his destiny and position have proffered to him, General Gregorio Catapang Jr. has taken time to relax, if occasionally.

We are sharing some of his favorites, passions and interests, all these his response to our questions aimed at knowing more about the personality behind the uniform and medals.

Beyond the obvious — his integrity, valor and commitment to service — Gen. Catapang is a well-rounded gentleman who spends his leisure hours with a mind for recreating his mental and physical faculties and appreciating life’s simple joys, which may be said, too, of his eating habits.

Indeed, a sound mind in a healthy body is what makes our man of the hour personable and cool under pressure.

All time favorite actor: Tom Cruise. I love all his Mission Impossible movies.

All time favorite actresses: At the height of their popularity, I admired Gina Alajar and Lorna Tolentino. Such beauties and such good actresses. They could make you laugh or cry.

Physical Fitness regimen: I swim and play golf. But these days, I play golf more because I have no time to swim.

Skin care ritual: No ritual. I just eat fish and vegetables.

Soap: I use Safeguard.

Cologne or perfume: Polo.

Drink: Just wine. I am not allowed to drink beer for health reasons.

Breakfast food: A slice of bread. Egg with spinach. There should always be vegetables on the table. Fresh tomato especially. I also love tomato juice.

Dish: Pompano. It has to be steamed. I avoid oil.

Restaurant: I prefer to eat at home. I love fish from Farmers’ Market. It’s cooked right in our kitchen.

Destination: Palawan. I love its pristine waters. The whole province is very clean.

Art: The inmates are producing beautiful paintings. I am looking for a gallery where we can exhibit their works.