The ongoing Thomasian dim sum duel

As a proud Thomasian, the quest for delicious yet budget-friendly meal is an integral part of my college experience. Amid the bustling life around the University of Santo Tomas, the timeless debate between Angkong Dimsum House and Dimsum Treats remains.

Within the four corners of UST, students share laughter, rant about professors and talk about the latest “tea” of blockmates.

The Thomasian college meal consists of a generous serving of white rice paired with four pieces of dim sum — a treat that transcends mere sustenance. In this gastronomic saga, Angkong and Dimsum Treats emerge as pillars of Thomasian culture.


Angkong Dimsum House, situated on P. Noval Street and Dapitan Street, is renowned for its assorted siomai offerings, including pork, chicken, quail and Japanese style. Even during the pandemic, Angkong adapted by temporarily closing its UST branches and shifting to online sales of frozen siomai.

As UST allowed more students back on campus, Angkong made a triumphant return, maintaining the distinct taste of its offerings despite a slight price adjustment.

Dimsum Treats

Often considered the original dim sum haven, Dimsum Treats has been serving university students since 2008, expanding its footprint over the years. Famed for its generous portions of siomai, particularly delightful when paired with the famed Golden Sun milk tea from the adjacent D’Cream, Dimsum Treats sets itself apart with its diverse menu, including delectable rice meals, such as sweet and sour chicken and pork chop.

While some argue that Dimsum Treats may lack a bit in taste and flavor, its loyal patrons assert that the ample portions more than make up for any perceived taste deficiency. The extensive array of dishes at Dimsum Treats distinguishes it, presenting a wide selection beyond just siomai, including rice dishes.

Which is which?

To settle the debate, why not embark on a culinary adventure firsthand? Both Angkong and Dimsum Treats have solidified their presence in UST’s food lanes, boasting branches on Dapitan and P. Noval streets. Notably, Dimsum Treats has recently opened a new outpost on P. Noval, contributing another intriguing dimension to the ongoing discussion.

Ultimately, the choice between Angkong and Dimsum Treats transcends mere taste; it serves as a reflection of the unique gastronomic inclinations that define and shape the Thomasian experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, join the conversation and savor the distinct flavors that each dim sum haven brings to the table.