The feel-better recipe

This is for you. If you find yourself at an uncertain moment in your life, then perhaps this guide towards feeling better might be of help.

There are days when you just feel the urge to do nothing, to keep still, to focus on your breath and take it all in ever so slowly. The kind of day when you are extra reflective and attuned to the undefinable mood you find yourself in.

The kind of feeling that you surrender to is one of acceptance. Yet, lingering within the borders of your heart is an inexplicable hopefulness with every breath you take. You could be anxious, exhausted, nostalgic and more.

So here you are, caught within the shades of blues and grays with splashes of rain and rays of sunshine that might unexpectedly shift your mood.

Feeling sad

Let’s not wait. You can take action. You might want to give this a try.

Your serotonin and dopamine levels might be lower than usual. This neurotransmitter needs boosting.

• Sunlight -— Go out and get some sun.

•  Exercise — Take a walk.

• Connect with nature.

• Have some coffee — Remember though, if you are used to taking coffee daily and suddenly stop, your brain will need more than a week to adjust to the absence of caffeine. Go for nutritional substitutes instead.

• Omega 3 Fatty Acids — Go for oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines. Consider taking a supplement. •Carbohydrates — Complex carbohydrates may help like potatoes, whole grain foods and corn.

When exhausted

The only answer is to recharge.

•  Rest — Stop what you are doing. Drop all the work.

• Sleep — Good sleep is restorative. Put in seven to eight hours nightly. Try to sleep earlier than usual.

•  Limit gadget exposure —  This could be depleting your energy.

• Eat healthy — This ought to increase your energy levels. Increase your intake of vegetables.

• Massage — Have an hour-long massage.

When your moods swing

•  Tea — Have a cup of calming tea like chamomile and peppermint.

• Music therapy — Listen to calming music.

•Hormones — See an endocrinologist. A hormonal imbalance can cause mood swings.

When angry

• Take a long walk. Your head will cool off when you walk away from a situation that causes you to lose control. Detach from stressors.

• Music — Listen to your favorite music.

• Talk therapy — A listening ear can help ease your anger. Or see a therapist to help you navigate your emotions.

• Chill out — Sip a cool glass of juice or red wine.

• Watch a movie — A comedy can lift your spirits.

•Get physical — Exert physical effort through intense exercise — anything that can make you sweat.

When overthinking

• Be present ­— It is fear of the future that causes anxiety. Focus on the present. Remind yourself that what you are thinking now should not be entangled with the fear of the future.

• Journalling — Start a journal. Writing can organize your thoughts and straighten them out.

• Talk to a friend, your father/mother or counselor.

When feeling stressed

• Detach — From stressors, people and situations. Sometimes, going on a short vacation helps.

• Silence — Embracing silence is an art. It also helps you immensely. Be still. Pray and meditate.

• Read a good book — This can be very helpful.

•Tea time — Sip your favorite tea.

• Chocolate — This can calm you especially if it is dark chocolate.

When feeling lazy

• Do nothing — Simply relax.

• Take cat naps — This clears the mood and raises your energy level.

Affirmation : “I have the power in me to live the life I wish for.”

Love and Light.