The barefoot lifestyle at Inara Siargao

To go barefoot is to make a physical connection with the earth, a gesture of removing the barrier between people and nature. It is a way to connect and listen to the safe and peaceful vibe of the environment.

On this visit, we have learned that the simple task of freeing the soles of our feet also provides mental clarity. With the soft sand on our toes on every step and the beauty of the tropical surroundings, the daunting concerns of city living disappears.

The island of Siargao is cherished by both surfers and non-surfers from all over the globe.

This island paradise is located in Surigao del Norte and about a two-and-a-half-hour plane ride from Manila.

It is a melting pot of culture and epicurean pursuits.

On previous visits, we loved mingling with other tourists on island excursions and enjoying the nightly scheduled parties at favorite beach side bars and clubs.

On this trip, however, we are excited and eager to experience the laidback aura of the island.

The other side of Siargao

It is rare to find a hidden gem in a place that is familiar, but with this sojourn, we appreciated this oasis of serenity found along Siargao’s Malinao beach area.

The trip from Sayak airport is about 30 to 40 minutes by means of a shuttle van or a tuk-tuk (a motorized vehicle with three wheels).

The roundtrip shuttle services can be arranged by the resort.

Malinao boasts of fine sandy beaches and clear waters.

The area is unlike the crowded center of Siargao which is about a 10-minute motorcycle ride from the area.

Inara Siargao

Inara is a barefoot paradise that invites you to experience luxury amidst nature and the instinctive fun and laughter that it brings.

Our arrival at the resort was greeted with the customary welcome drinks, the sound of birds singing and the warm smiles of the barefooted staff.

I instinctively felt the need to take off my footwear and walk in the sandy pathways of the resort.

This trip does make one feel in tune with nature, with oneself as birds serenade the guests and the trade winds hug the inner being. I looked forward to a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast.

Inara is an ancient Arabic word that means “Ray of Everlasting Light,” an ethos that is essential to remember on this journey. Indeed, a bright adventure awaits for the weary traveler.

Inara has a total of six suites that can be booked individually or as a private villa for an exclusive stay.

A home away from home

The resort’s pathway led us to our air-conditioned suite right beside the pool.

The room has a king size bamboo bed that is very inviting.

The commodious bathroom is light and airy and has both indoor and outdoor hot and cold showers.

The main house near the restaurant and Malinao beach offers views of Daku and Naked Island.

During low tide, guests of the resort can walk over and paddle board to nearby Hanoyoy Island while being guided by the resort’s staff.

Cultural and local excursions

Inara can arrange all activities in Siargao but for an entirely different experience, a land trip visit to Caridad Pilar, Surigao del Norte, is recommended.

Visitors come to experience and witness the traditional local banig weave of Siargao Island.

Bringing home the local banigs will also help the local weaving industry.

Guests can also explore the beautiful mangrove village of Pilar just 30 minutes away from Inara.

There, the Inara Team can arrange sunset canoeing, fishing and dinner at a floating boat house within the mangroves.

At night, guests can roast marshmallows and make s’mores around a bonfire.

A perfect experience for families to enjoy after dinner.

A movie by the beach can also be arranged at the beachfront pool area.

This outdoor starry movie night is a great and unique way to spend your evening with friends and family.

This is something we looked forward to while we sip Inara’s sangria.

We spent a day exploring the rest of Siargao, places that we enjoyed before and were familiar with.

But at the end of the day, there isn’t a greater feeling of going back to homely Inara.

We truly missed that feeling of being at home at this island retreat.

The staff felt like members of the family, always there when you need anything but still providing you the space and privacy you need wherever you are at the resort.

Here, figuratively on the other side of the island, we had the pleasure of going barefoot and not being too reactive to the time of day.

Relax and put your feet up. Come as you are to Inara Siargao.