Terrifyingly tasty treats

This month, Marks & Spencer is the go-to destination for terrifyingly tasty Halloween treats. The collection of spooky and delicious snacks is perfect for delighting (or scaring) Halloween party guests or serving up to trick-or-treaters on the 31st.

Menacing Malloweenies make a decadent, gory treat for chocoholics with chocolate shells packed with soft mallow and oozing raspberry-flavored sauce. Make Halloween more fun with some fun lollies in dress-up like the Ghoulish Gang or 10 Creepy Chocolate Foiled Lollipops Milk Chocolate Foiled Lollipops.


Create the ultimate scary pick ‘n’ mix for guests with a festive Fruity Creepy Carnival, eerie Zombie Eyeballs and hair-raising Sour Spiders. Settle in to watch your favorite thriller movie with the delicious HallowSCREAM Munch Mix — a tasty sweet and salty combo mix.

Let there be fright and visit a Marks & Spencer store for more Halloween treats. Visit www.marksandspencer.com.ph.