Tears and laughter as Vhong, Jugs and Teddyhonor Pinoy comedy greats on ‘It’s Showtime’

It’s Showtime viewers were taken on a nostalgic journey as the trio of Vhong Navarro, Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz paid a heartfelt tribute to late Filipino comedians in the show’s Magpasikat 2023 special.

The moving homage last 6 November marked the start of the show’s week-long anniversary celebration.

The segment had a black-and-white cinematic beginning reminiscent of the opening credits of ‘90s movies. Then Vhong, Jugs and Teddy took the stage, serenading the audience and dancing to a song honoring the legendary Pinoy comedians who had given Filipino audiences so much laughter and joy.

The It’s Showtime hosts celebrated three Philippine comedy greats — Dolphy, Redford White and Babalu — and their signature works: Redford’s Buddy en Sol (Sine ito) from 1992, Babalu’s Oki Doki Doc from 1993 and Dolphy’s Home Along Da Riles also from 1992.

Teddy, Jugs and Vhong portrayed Redford, Babalu and Dolphy, respectively, in their solo acts, singing and dancing to the memorable soundtracks of these shows.

And just when the audience thought the performance had reached its climax with the Home Along Da Riles feature, a captivating twist unfolded.

The hosts incorporated artificial intelligence into the show, creating a video that made it appear as if Redford, Babalu and Dolphy were once again performing live on stage. The
AI-enhanced number left viewers even more emotional when it flashed images of other departed Filipino comedians on a massive LED screen, including Apeng Daldal, Ben Tisoy, Bentong, Bernardo Bernardo, Cachupoy, Carding, Chichay, Chokoleit and more.

As Vhong, Jugs, and Teddy sang in the background, the lyrics of their song struck a chord with many viewers: “Sana’y maalala nyo kami /minsan sa inyo’y nagpangiti /sa paglipas ng mga taon /tumanda man ang panahon /sa puso n’yo kami manatili.”

Special guest Nova Villa, herself an accomplished comedian, was left in tears by the production, as many of the honored artists were her friends, she said. Nova played Ason to Dolphy’s Kevin in the beloved Home Along Da Riles sitcom that ran for many years.