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Week-long coffee blitz
Most good days start with a nice cup o’ joe. From 25 September to 1 October, sip on a new brew everyday with the 7 Days of Coffee experience at Newport World Resorts.

On Monday, Marriott Hotel Manila’s Marriott Cafe Bakery offers a selection of coffee using local coffee beans. A single shot espresso is at P231 and P275 for a double.
On the 26th, Yawaragi at Hotel Okura Manila will be releasing the Red Bean Matcha Latte for a limited time at P290++.

On 27 September, grab a Brain Boost Coffee–arabica coffee brewed with organic butter and coconut oil–and a sweet pastry from the day’s selection of fresh fruit Danish or flourless-Chocolate cake at the Garden Wing Cafe at the Newport Garden Wing for P420 nett. Head over to the Madison Lounge/Bar at Hilton Manila on 28 September for Bites and Brew. Get a cup of with a pastry for P350 nett or with a cake for P384 nett.

Casa Buenas at the Newport Grand Wing offers Kape y Bibingka on 29 September. The Holiday staple is paired with a choice of cappuccino or Americano made with locally sourced-Benguet beans for P736 nett. Light up the weekend with a Coffee Bingsu from Oori at Sheraton Manila Hotel by 30 September. The Korean-classic dessert gets dressed with a local coffee blend and homemade dalgona coffee candy for P750 nett.

Finally, have a nightcap on the actual Coffee Day on 1 October. Wind down with The Whisky Library’s special coffee cocktail, The Identity, made with The Woodsman Blended Scotch, Toffee Nut and espresso for P490 nett.

Just be sure to mark your calendars for Newport World Resorts’ 7 Days of Coffee experience because most of these offers are only available for its specific day.

Photograph courtesy of Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon Caramel Delight Cake


New cake from an old classic
If your taste for cake runs toward the sweet and light, you might want to try the latest treat from Red Ribbon. It is not only sweet and light, it’s also great to look at. The caramel icing that outlines the cake’s elegant silhouette gives it a light and dainty vibe. On top of the cake are elegant drops of icing that give it an airy cloud-like look, with caramel syrup on the center. The cake also looks just as elegant when sliced — you can see the soft chiffon layers inside and the enticing cream-colored icing in between. Prices start at P479 for the junior size and P669 for the regular size.

Kimcheese Poppers and fries.

Cheese plus kimchi with some tea
Serenitea, the trailblazing teashop brand known for its innovative approach to tea, recently launched a groundbreaking collaboration with Kaya, the revered name in traditional Korean cuisine. This partnership introduces a delectable line of snacks that marries the bold flavors of Kaya’s signature kimchi with the irresistible allure of cheese. The Serenitea KimCheese Snacks includes: Kimcheese Fries (P220), featuring golden fries smothered in rich cheddar cheese sauce and Kaya’s signature kimchi.
Topped with nori, sour cream and a hint of green chilis, these fries offer a symphony of flavors that’s both satisfying and unique; and Kimcheese Chicken Poppers (P320), Serenitea’s famous crispy chicken poppers meet the exceptional taste of Kaya’s kimchi in this mouthwatering creation. Served with a luscious cheddar cheese sauce and garnished with vibrant green chilis and nori, these poppers deliver an irresistible combination of textures and flavors.