States of the art at Altro Mondo

Altro Mondo Creative Space’s latest exhibits, which run from 16 September to 7 October, feature a dynamic array of both established and emerging Filipino artists, offering a glimpse into the constantly evolving local art landscape.

Here are the exhibitions lined up for Altro Mondo Creative Space’s show:


‘Modern Mimesis’

Modern Mimesis presents a group exhibition delving into artists’ timeless drive to portray our world. This tradition traces back from ancient cave paintings to modern canvases, exploring figuration as a means to explore into the intricate tapestry of the human experience.

Gino Nagret’s ‘The Charwoman’ (oil on canvas, 24 by 31 inches).

It features 20 gifted artists — Archie Sumilang, Gino Nagret, Emman Acasio, Adrian Trijo, Kenneth Mamaril, Vincent Diñoso, Kiko Moran, Tokwa Peñaflorida, Eugene Dominguez, Wiji Lacsamana, Tof Zapanta, Jerline Sunga, Laine Fernandez, Kyle Toribio, Pepe Mendoza, Angelo Valmoria Roxas, Kenneth Santiago, Efren Madlangsakay Jr. and Gelo Zarsuelo — each with their own style and approach.

Archie Sumilang’s ‘The Calm Man II’ (oil on canvas, 48 by 36 inches, 2023).

In this collection, figures, whether human or animal, and everyday objects transcend mere representation. They evolve into reflective mirrors, capturing our innermost thoughts and expressing the profound depths of human connection.

Gelo Zarsuelo’s ‘2 Boys 2 Close’ (acrylic on canvas, 24 by 31 inches).


‘Unsystematic’ by Melbourne Aquino

Melbourne “Burn” Aquino’s art journey is an intriguing exploration of abstract ideas inspired by Salvador Dali and fueled by his early fascination with art. Trained in Fine Arts at the University of the East, he broke away from the norm to delve into abstraction. His art has evolved over time, featuring calculated strokes, hidden letters, bold colors and enigmatic shapes — a style he calls “lettering abstraction.” Aquino’s work goes beyond the surface, delving into socio-political issues and personal experiences.

This approach earned him recognition at the 11th Florence Biennale in 2017. In his recent exhibition, Unsystematic, he pushes the boundaries of visual expression, inviting viewers on a journey of self-discovery and reflection through mesmerizing interplays of color, form and symbolism. Aquino’s work goes deeply into the human condition, challenging conventions and making us wonder about the never-ending flow of information that influences our lives. His [untitled exhibition] is a perplexing examination of the human psyche that leaves the viewer with lingering impressions.

‘Kalye’ by Enzo Bactong, Mickee Giffany, Nino Odosis and Patrick Pura

Four accomplished artists invite everyone to share in the feelings and experiences of the city as they lead us through a cultural journey in the Kalye world.

Nino Odosis paints vivid stories inspired by memories, childhood joys, family gatherings and the streets that shape us. Enzo Bactong delves into the excitement of navigating urban challenges, portraying resilience and hope. Patrick Pura celebrates the city’s symphony, from the chatter of passersby to car horns and street performers. Mickee Giffany explores street fashion as a canvas for individual expression.


‘expansiOnality’ by Milmar Onal

Milmar Onal is a visionary who breathes life and vitality into his landscape paintings. The amazing piece, expansiOnality, is a standout example of his impressive work that enables viewers to voyage through electrifying landscapes. His paintings pulse with vitality, like active electric currents dancing across the surface.

Onal, a University of Santo Tomas graduate, makes comparisons between his artwork and the well-orchestrated randomness of electrical currents in order to emphasize the value of relationships, strength and vibrancy in life.

Onal’s unique ability is for capturing the vivid essence of landscapes, which distinguishes his work. His work combines science and abstraction, reflecting the advancement of technology and showing the pulsating vitality of electrical currents against static backgrounds. Discover how tradition and modernity coexist in the vibrant world of “expansiOnality.”