Spotify, PPOPCON driving global appetite for P-pop

In the past five years, the P-Pop genre has experienced remarkable growth, captivating audiences with its impressive visual cues, coupled with infectious beats and compelling narratives.

From PPOPCON captivating audiences two years in a row to Spotify driving an over 800-percent increase in daily P-Pop streams since 2018, the genre is fast becoming a global genre to watch.

According to Blackstar Entertainment, producer of PPOPCON Manila 2023, and PPOPCON executive director Jon Pinto, “The success of PPOPCON 2023 and growth of the P-Pop community has been overwhelming, and together with Spotify, the future holds endless possibilities for P-Pop music for the rest of the year.”

With more than 9,000 attendees at PPOPCON 2023, Spotify continues to see the appetite for more of the genre all year round. The especially curated P-Pop On The Rise playlist witnessed a 36-percent surge in streams, connecting artists with fans and enabling music discovery.

THE growth of the P-pop community has been overwhelming the past years, with fans from all ages. | Photographs courtesy of Spotify

Attendees to the event were also treated to exclusive Spotify online content and exciting on-ground activities that made them feel closer to their P-Pop idols.

The phenomenal growth of P-Pop is a testament to the talent and dedication of Filipino artists.

Leading the pack is SB19, whose powerful vocals and show-stopping performances have earned them over 2.7 million monthly streams on Spotify. Joining the ranks of top talents for 2023 are RADAR artists ALAMAT, BINI and RADAR alumni BGYO.

Solo acts like FELIP, Josh Cullen and PABLO are also making waves. Emerging P-Pop artists KAIA, VXON and G22 add to the list of promising acts, leading to an impressive 250-percent increase in streams on Spotify since early this year.

SB19’s track “GENTO” has now surpassed 46 million streams on Spotify. Other notable tracks gaining traction on the platform include G22’s BANG and “Maharani” by Alamat, and “Wild Tonight” by Josh Cullen.