Solenn Heussaff goes flexitarian

One of the most relatable things about Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico — apart from being a hands-on entrepreneur, playful wife and doting mom — is that she isn’t afraid to express her love for food.

She’s now enjoying experimenting on a plant-based product called UnMeat, a 100-percent plant-based that looks, feels and tastes like real meat.

Solenn shares that UnMeat makes her feel healthier. “When I eat healthier, I feel better, I could do more things, I sleep better and I had more energy,” she shared.

UnMeat has zero cholesterol with good sources of protein and fiber.

“One of the misconceptions of plant-based food is that it tastes like earth or it tastes fake, basically. But with UnMeat, I was surprised by its delicious taste and flavor,” the mom of two said.

This gave her the confidence to be more adventurous with UnMeat. Just check her Instagram and you’d find the many ways she’s experimented with the product, such as Banh Mi Sandwich, Soba noodles and even a rice bowl using nuggets where she certified, “Wow, tastes like chicken!”

“I do like my meat but it’s very good to be flexitarian sometimes. And you can do both,” said Solenn in an Instagram post.

UnMeat has a wide selection of variants to choose from. “I was surprised by the variants they have. Before, the only things available in the market would be meat patties. But now, with UnMeat you have everything even the pizzas. It’s just vast so that you can really choose what you prefer, and also the way you cook it.” So, on days she’s looking for a good juicy burger, she can cook up one with the burger patties. She can prepare a Filipino ulam with the giniling or have the nuggets for snacks.

“People might think that going healthy is expensive. Within the last two to three years, it started becoming more of a norm to be vegetarian and vegan. And so prices are actually very doable, and I would even say cheap,” she said. With prices starting at P99 and serves at least two to three persons, it’s affordable, with price similar to real meat.

Now, more and more supermarkets and restaurants are carrying the UnMeat brand. It’s offered in Shakey’s, Starbuck’s, Brother’s Burger, Army Navy stores and almost 3,000 7-11 stores, nationwide.

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