Short shorts are back, Hermes says

It’s time for guys to embrace short shorts again, according to French brand Hermes, which put plenty of leg on display at its Paris Fashion Week show on Saturday.

“Guys have nice legs too. It’s time to see their legs!” creative director Veronique Nichanian said backstage at the show.

It has been a menswear week with plenty of skin, and Hermes kept with the trend.

“I don’t yet do skirts for men, but I like shorts and particularly short shorts,” Nichanian said.

There were also some transparent fabrics — another notable trend this week — alongside ankle-length trousers and souped-up tank tops.

Nichanian said that as gender barriers break down in fashion, “it’s especially the men that are coming to steal from women’s wardrobes.”

“And it’s interesting to offer them materials they’ve never had. I’m delighted with this openness to a more feminine world. This widens the scope of the men’s wardrobe and allows all men to express their personality, their desires,” she said.

Contrasting with the bold colors of previous collections, this time the Hermes palette was “mineral” with shades of grey, beige and faded blue — “a desire for a very light summer with a little breeze blowing”, as Nichanian put it.

The sandals had openings on the sides but covered the toes, since “men, in general, do not like their feet,” said the house’s shoe designer, Pierre Hardy.

“Much of the collection is sporty and casual, and this sandal is a sort of alternative to the sneaker… an easy-to-wear casual shoe,” he told AFP.

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